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Letter to #BabyA

Dear Baby A,

The 2nd time I see you and the 1st photo of you with daddy carrying you

Not sure when will you be reading this entry. We have actually decided on your name but we are not sure if we would want your name to be on the internet. The world outside is not a very safe place and I hope that you will grow up in a free and happy environment. I was hoping to keep your growing up log here if possible so I decided to just name you BabyA when I am addressing you in public.

I wanted to write to this letter to you on day 7 but I guess I really underestimate the recovery time from delivering you and taking care of you despite I have daddy and Confinement Auntie to help me with you.

From the day I know you existed, I was always tired and nausea. That wasn’t the worst part of the pregnancy. At 20 weeks, gynecologist gave us a fright that you might not be a healthy baby. I prepared for the worst that I might need to give you up. I didn’t dare to keep a record of your presences because I didn’t want to be too attached to you. Luckily, you managed to pass all the test and everything was just a false alarm. When I finally got better and thought I could enjoy the perks of being pregnant, you gave me gestational diabetic and I can only take healthy food. Even at week 39, you grew too big that gynecologist said that you have an increased risk of shoulder dislocation. Hence on 19th August 2016 (Friday), we decided to deliver you via Epidural Cesarean Section but you still decided to come out on your way via GA csect.

Daddy Feeding mummy as mummy couldn’t move after Cesarean Section.

When mummy just gave birth to you, I couldn’t move much because of the pain from Cesarean Section. Daddy handled everything from the announcement of your birth to taking care of the bed-ridden mummy.

Last photo from my room before discharged.


After mummy discharge from hospital, Daddy has been helping me a lot whenever he is around so that mummy is less stressful with you. Mummy broke down a few times when I couldn’t stop you from fussing and crying. Daddy took over like a man and pacified you and ask mummy to take a break from taking care of you. They always say how good a man is depend on how he behave after his wife’s delivery. People always say how mummy sacrifice her life but rarely did others give credits about how a responsible daddy sacrifice his too. I hope you will grow up to be a great man like your daddy. 

Lastly, by the time you grow up, you might not remember the auntie who takes care of you when mummy was recovering. As of now, she actually carry you more than mummy do as I couldn’t carry you too much. When you fuss and refuse to sleep, she coaxed you to sleep. I hope you will be nicer to her and treasure her before she leave you at the end of mummy’s confinement. Mummy is feeling a bit reluctant for her to leave as she is a great help to me and she cooks good food for me so I could give you my best milk to your growth.


Mummy decide to create an Instagram for you. You can browse it as I will be recording your presence ever since you are in my stomach. I will be posting on your photo updates more often there.

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