New Beginnings

Initially, I wanted to private all my previous post and start fresh again. But some of the previous posts were quite interesting so I kept it public. I went through all my previous post and private almost 300 of them and leaving 111 post still available for anyone to browse. I am so embarrassed by how bad my language was when I was reading my old blog post. I also had many parts of the blog post promising I would review on some products but I never go about doing it. I even had travel log that I did not finish it at all. I hope I don’t do that again.

Many things changed for me, I was semi retiring from blogging after I married because I was working and studying part time. I no longer have time to sit down, take photo and draft the content for each post. I begin to prefer posting on Instagram because I can just post something without really putting effort on the wording. I still got excited at new launches of beauty products and trends but I do not feel the need to share and it was also that time many beauty blogger stopped blogging and went to being a beauty influencer. I wasn’t serious in my social media accounts so I kinda of missed my chance to grow. When you stop growing, you will be pretty much be forgotten and brands will slowly dropped you.

I am finally a mum

After my semi retirement, my life changed from being a wife to a mum. Suddenly, I have this strong feeling to blog again because I have so much to share now. Since it has been almost 6 years since I am really serious in blogging. I am not sure if I am still relevant but I would be mainly blogging about parenting, beauty, food and lifestyle. I will be mainly back posting #LittleA monthly milestones before posting new content so do stay tune to the blog.

If you have been reading till the end of the post, I want to thank you for taking the time to do so. I also wish to announce that I will be having my second child next year.

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