About Me


(First time meeting you, I am Emily. Nice to meet you)

Emily is a name that is with me since my polytechnic years and airmeli.com is a blog that blogs about myself.
I am not those regular pretty and slim blogger. I am just plain, heavily short sighted with astigmatism and plus sized (fat in layman term) but my passion for blogging is just as much as others too. I love beauty, food, travel and many more. I am a Singaporean married to a Malaysian (also a Singapore PR). I am very lucky to have my husband to always supported me. As much as it sounds crazy but I used work in construction industry as an Engineer and I enjoyed and hate it. I enjoy a challenging job but the working time is just too long. I make a decision that I will have to leave my job. I am currently a housewife (Not tai tai), working on my online business and working part time here and there.

I admit that I usually give my personal life the priority that I do for blogging. My interval in my blogging is rather irregular for the recent 2 years but I will try to allocate more time to blog from now on.

Thank you for reading my “About Me”~

The Fluffy Mashmellow Lady who blogs

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