Due to some reasons I closed down my previous blog. I really regretted closing it. Actually I deleted it. I am very upset that I no longer can read my past. At different stage of life, the way u look at things changed. Hence, it is always amusing how I can think so simple in those naive days.

I decide to do a blog. Since I do not have much friends left, I think my honesty doesn’t matter anymore. I dun need to bother how other people think of my strange thinking. I decide to separate my blog into 2. This blog shall be only about me and any other things except the love part. I have opened another blog as a record of my love. It is more of a love journey blog. I might have some love to share here from time to time.

So let’s put our hands together to welcome me, Lady Airmeli to start my blogging again. 🙂

Going to go Shen Zhen

I was sick on Friday night. Slight fever, not that serious, however on Saturday, I urine blood. I got a shocked in my life. Then I feel dizzy too…

Doctor say I kana UTI and it has gone to my kidney. Since it is not the first time I tio in this year, the doctor request me to go back again today. I really feel kinda of scared since after work, my body indeed become weaker, I got sick for the slightest reasons. I am scared to get kidney failure… Since my waist part really feel pain when I urine.

Anyway, I am going to Shenzhen this Saturday. I will actually reached Hong Kong first via SQ A380. Dun envy me, I paid a lot for that. It’s supposed to be a co. trip but then my GOOD Co. did not subsidize for us at all. I going with my bf. So one of us paying about S$1200/pax. (My bf and I are from the same co.) Not as if I want to complain lah… But really not worth it, since I dun mind taking budget airline and staying cheap hotel. My bf tell me go and try lor… I also want to go Hong Kong too.

So out of impulse, I agreed. Since I agree I needed a holiday too.

But the sad thing is I have to change 2 types of currency.

Not to forget my spree. All spree will be updated to the latest status before I go. They will not reached Singapore before I come back. Just that I got 2 opening spree that will be not replied when I am off. I hope I can find a lan cafe there.

I have also been helping some of my spree-er bringing back their liquid items. I will be buying some cosmetic that not sold in Singapore. I got 3 spree-er from other forum asking me for help. Need to earn a bit from there too. 5% agent fees for personal purchase . I think very cheap liao.

Mr ING – The Shoes God made for Man (Taobao)

This shall be one of my rare review on Taobao Shop since I usually dun review Taobao shop items. They have high chance of selling items that look really different from the pictures. But this seller manufacture his own brand and male shoes.

I must say that this is from my personal purchase and I recommend it. I am not endorsing of this seller. But if they do allow me to endorse, I am more than willing to do so.

So who am I introducing??


It was really a luck for me to find this shop actually as I happen to want to buy a shoes for my boyfriend for his birthday. (I know Chinese customs lady shouldn’t buy shoes for guys, if not guys will “RUN” away) Since I think this is the only thing he need to get a new one. I happen to click on the advertisement, the shoes is consider a 秒杀 (seconds killer) item. I am very curious and found a shocking truth.

He started his selling on May 2009. He only started with 60 pairs of shoes for his first showcase and it was sold out on the same day. He subsequently orders 300 pairs of shoes and was also sold out in 4 days. It was then he aims to sell 40,000 this year’s summer. However by 3rd July, he already sold 56145 pair of shoes which is a lot more than their targeted 40,000 pair. For a consecutive of 45 days he sell for more than 1245 pairs of shoes daily. (about 1 pair of shoes/min)

I got a real shock. I believe for most shop, selling 40k for one year is already a record. But I know sometimes that review might not be that accurate, that’s why I decided to buy 2 pair. One for my brother and one for my bf, same size and same design but wore by 2 different people.

I choose the most popular shoes, The legendary 091 cooling leisure shoes (Ref:

Waited for quite sometime according to my agent. This is the last item to reach it. When I received this shoes, I am really surprise by the packing of the shoes. I rarely see one China shoes with such nice packing. The shoes box is black and stay in shape despite harsh EMS conditions. There is also a shoes bag for one shoes. When you open it, you not not need to smell the smelly leather smell.

When I see the shoes, I just love it. It was just the same item as shown in the picture. No difference in colour or size. Everything is really as stated. When I try wearing it, the cushion padding inside is very comfortable. It is really cooling and it you are afraid that you sweat too much, you can actually take the sole out and wash it. I really dun have anything I can pick.

Since I am writing about his shop, I went to check out this seller. Apparently, he used to be a university student in China. Trying to earn extra income since he come from a poor family. Then he started off selling export shoes, then his business grew. He started finding classmate to help. He was also almost jailed for selling these shoes since they are intended to be exported.

However, after this incident, he is more determined to do a brand of his own. Mr is a way to call a man and ING is the ING of going, coming and doing. A way to saying his continuous action for shoes. His switch for leather shoes cause his sales to drop by 30-40%. Since his shoes is meant for those middle high class. His personal thinking is Fujian’s sport shoes is still the best but in terms of leather shoes, he still think Guang zhou is the best.

His aim to sell his good quality shoes in the lowest price possible. He also release 10 – 30 pair of new design shoes weekly. His shop soon become one of the most popular shop for Man’s shoes in Taobao. I heard he was also feature in the Taobao magazine.

    Emily Thoughts

To me, his shoes is really very worth to introduce and buy. I myself bought another pair of couple shoes (female). As a Taobao Spree Organiser, I seen a lot of items that is over rated. A lot more item that is really very lousy. But I think this shoes if I gauge in Singapore price, I believe it can easily sell up to 60+ SGD. Ladies, you an buy this perfect present for your bf or hubby. And guys, no matter if you are schooling or working, I always believe you must owned a good pair of shoes to bring you to your good future.

Details of his story:–1–20264953-0-.htm

Long weekend

It’s been quite sometime that I did not have my long weekend. Since I am working alternate Saturday and I don’t seems to be lucky enough to get my Saturday off after a Friday. I also dun like alternate Saturday. I prefer full Saturday off since I sometimes will forget I need to work and arrange my dates on that Saturday. I know a lot of people is going to kill me for this. I know a lot of people are working on Saturday and I should be more appreciative. Like my bf is working full Saturday. He even need to work on a Sunday at times.

I am personally a very boring person. As in my life is very boring. I dun like to go out… I believe I am a 100% otaku. I love to watch anime and manga, I love to stay at home and surf net, I love to sleep at home. Do you know a lot of my friends dun like me because of this. I am someone who dun shop outside since I believe I can get anything online. So far I haven’t been ordering food from online. (I just orders snacks online a few days ago from taobao)

See… I have been trying not to go out since I dun see a need. Even chinese new year clothes, I also buy online. To me, my life is all about my internet. So if my computer crash or kana virus, I will be a living dead person… So I always have a backup laptop. Hehe… I will die without my computer…

This long weekend I really did nothing much.

Mac Breakfast with my dad. He damn funny lor… My dad is quite a old generation dad, he loves his child and dun like to eat western stuff as he thinks the food are expensive and small portion. So to me, it is always something rare that my dad propose to eat Mac.

Then afternoon reply all the spree post and pm and I forgot I got a hair appointment. Of course I was late for the appointment, I went for my rebond at Maison Hairmake. I love this salon very much. Actually I went to this salon also because of their good review online. But one thing about them is that they are slow, to me their speed is slow but they are very particular in your hair. They way they cut is like your hair is also precious to them. At times I do go to Malaysia for my haircut because much cheaper. But for rebond or normal times, I will still let them do. Damage is less than S$250 for rebond+3 step treatment+rebond shampoo. (Plus my butt pain+5 hours of time loss)

Had my breakfast and I went for a nap…


It was 8pm…

I think I am too tired that I sleep so long… Must be I lack of sleep for so long… Then went to do some spring cleaning and play my wii… Then I went to have my dinner at 11pm at Mac… Also with my family… I was shocked to see so many spree-er request that they want to join the 10-in-1 Taiwan agent spree. But I have closed the spree already. That’s why I did not want to open again. Actually, once I closed the spree, usually means I am closed for orders because usually I have already finished with the order form already. I dun like to redo my order form once I am finished. It tends to be messy.

Went to buy my brother’s book… Then went to IT fair… As usual there is a lot of people so yar… I dun see Singaporean get affected by the recession. I did not buy anything, just do some window shopping since I am going to Shen Zhen the hometown of fake items… However, something caught my eyes yesterday… Being a Taobao Spree organiser too, I went to find the phone I saw yesterday…

Nice right??? Japanese Style China phone with TV function…

I am going to get it from China. Hehe… I am going to Shen Zhen and Hong Kong on 12/12/2009 to 17/12/2009…

Then after IT fair went to watch Happy Flight… Initally, I want to watch mulan but the timing really too bad… So went to watch Happy Flight…

I think this movie quite funny… Then I really think that pilot and air stewardess are really not easy job. I was also engrossed in the movie that I did not take my popcorn and drinks…

Then after the movie went to have our dinner at New Taiwanese porridge Restaurant at Amoy Street…
(Details: ) I not doing advertisement but the food there is nice and not salty… Even though they are a porridge restaurant but they do serve rice too… I think you can bring your parents to this place if you want to… My favourite will be the mei cai kou rou and the san bei ji…

After the very full dinner, I went to Marina Barrage since it is very near from the restaurant… Went there to enjoy some fresh air and went for some water playing after that… Got my jeans all wet…

Feeling tired now… Must be playing too much yesterday… Still have got to update the spree later… Oops… My boss coming back… Tata~