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    Poetreeinbloom Mother’s Day Gift

    I should be studying for my examination tomorrow but I am craving to do a blog entry so I shall do one entry on Mother’s Day Gift then.

    I was scrolling on my website to see if this new skin is giving me anymore trouble. This theme apparently do not allowed any new post to be bold, underlined, italic or any change in my text but I really love the font and layout of this blog so I shall keep this theme till I find a better one. But anyway, I was scrolling and I saw Nuffnang’s advertisement on poetreeinbloom. I decided to click in for the first time in my life. I usually do not click on advertisement even though it is advertisement on my blog. I have to admit recently I love reading vivawoman who blogs about natural beauty products. My interest on beauty product grew from there too. I am not exactly paid by this poetreeinbloom directly but I went to do some research on this brand.

    I found the famous Sophie is also using their products. The product is from France. Poetreeinbloom has high expectation on their products so they face chosen Le Château du Bois & Une Olive en Provence for their quality on their products. Something to take note is that they do not do animal testing and there is also animal-derived ingredients in the products. To know more, u can read from poetreeinbloom and Sophie website.

    They are now having their Mother’s Day Promotion on their 2 brands, Le Château du Bois & Une Olive en Provence. Le Château du Bois & Une Olive en Provence. Mother’s Loving Touch consist of $80 (valued at $115) 
with La Château du Bois Hand & Foot Cream (150ml each) plus purple scented sachet, whereas Mother’s Nurturing Embrace consist of $75 (valued at $108) 
With Une Olive en Provence Hair & Body Shampoo (500ml), Body Lotion (200ml) plus green scented sachet. I think it is a great bargain for mum’s who like to use hand cream and I might really consider getting for my mum too. Since I know they uses the best ingredients and I want to give my mum’s the best stuff in the world just like she always gives me the best stuff in the world too.

    Do “Like” the Poetree Facebook page if you are interested in their products!~

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    Sophie Monk’s Spokesperson Makiyo Coming to Singapore

    I actually saw this brand when I was in JB months ago, I managed to see it at Clementi Guardian a month ago. I didn’t really went to test them because I was kinda of in a hurry. The great news is Makiyo who is also th spokesperson of Sophie Monk will be coming to Singapore this Friday (4th November 2011) at Guardian Pharmacy Ngee Ann City.

    Makiyo who is known for her great skin and life-changing make-up, will be in Singapore to promote cosmetic label, Sophie Monk. As spokesperson for Sophie Monk, Makiyo will share her ideas about beauty, her beauty regime and how Sophie Monk works so beautifully for her.

    About Sophie Monk
    Sophie Monk celebrates beauty in women and is fronted by Japanese/Taiwanese celebrity, Makiyo. Its R&D and cute packaging puts it at the forefront of beauty solutions for young ladies wanting beauty, offering solutions for dry skin, acne through a comprehensive and tightly-edited selection of whitening, hydrating, anti acne products as well as hydrating masks. Sophie Monk retails at all Guardian pharmacies in Singapore. For more info, please log on to: www.sophiemonk.cc

    Retailing in Singapore now are the following ranges:
    1. Whitening range
    2. Hydrating range
    3. Anti –Acne range
    4. Strawberry Facial Masks & Little Twin Stars Masks
    a. Green Mask Pore Minimizing Double Lifting Mask (contacts ear hooks and
    extra sheet for neck)
    b. Purple – Whitening Double Lifting
    c. Yellow – V-Shaped Double Lifting Mask
    d. Blue – Hydrating Double Lifting Mask
    The label is currently loved by models and celebrities in Taiwan and Japan in need of
    whitening solutions is now here, sold at Guardian!

    Makiyo will make a personal appearance to meet her fans as well as fans of Sophie Monk at the following venue:
    Guardian Pharmacy
    Ngee Ann City
    Date & Time: 4th November 2011, 7pm.

    To receive Makiyo’s autograph, simply spend more than $50 on Sophie Monk products and get a chance to stand in line for Makiyo’s autograph. Guests who spend more than $100 will have the privileged opportunity of being
    photographed with Makiyo.

    The sad thing is I will give this event a miss because I am having lessons that day, so ladies do enjoy this event. Lastly, Makiyo just release her new album so do take a look at her MV below.

    PS: Post edited due to my typo mistake. 😛

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    [Review] Kracie – Hadabisei Clear Lotion

    Ever since I went to Niu er talk last year and get to know something call Clear Lotion and this is when I started to love and rely on it. I have been using that clear lotion since then and that’s the only item I cannot live without. I would admit that initially when I saw this clear lotion, I do have some negative though on this product. I feel it is a similar item from Kose which too have a clear lotion which has the same function too.

    ● Sooth your skin from UV and dry skin caused by accumulation of dead skin.
    ● Contains softening ingredient: W fruit acid – Includes Lemon extract, grapefruit extract that can bring radiant to your skin.
    ● Contains Moisturising ingredient: Glucosamine – excellent moisturising effect that smoothen out skin and cleanse your pores.
    ● Contains Hydrating ingredient: Green Tea Essence – prevent skin from stickiness and make your makeup last longer.
    ● Mildly forumlated with No fragrance, no color, no oil, no alcohol for sensitive skin

    Where and How Much?
    It can be found in most Guardian Store. (I have seen it at Northpoint, NEX and Paragoon) and the retail price for this product is S$23.90.

    My Review
    When I first used it, I was surprised as it is nothing like the Kose Clear lotion. It feel much gentler and very much like a light texture lotion. The best part is it can also exfoliate my skin gently. I do not see my skin become one shade lighter but my skin do feel brighter after I use it. At times when I am lazy, I do use this lotion as a toner too. I can lightly hydrate my skin without feeling sticky. It also leave my skin smooth after application and I love it. However, after the clear lotion, there is still a need to apply moisturizer. As for my pores, I find it clean and I do not need to use exfoliating gel like twice a week. I guess throughly exfoliating can be done every once in 2 weeks.

    I added this picture to show the dirt from my skin daily.

    However, I do not like their bottle. I mis-pressed it a few times and I would really hope that there is some cap over the pump to prevent possible accident. In addition, since it is mild I sometimes feel that my dirty skin is not totally cleaned. I guess it must be due to my reliance to the alcohol in the Kose Clear lotion.

    I did a review video for the clear lotion too as I did not find anything at youtube while doing some research. Please forgive me for my poor English.
    – Editing in process –

    Disclaimer: The products were provided by Eternity Inter-Trade (Singapore) Pte Ltd. I did not paid for the but the benefit received will never not influence the content, topics or posts made in this blog.

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    [Offer] Utena Daily Care Mask Series

    FREE make-up removing sheets worth $32.90 when you purchase any Utena Daily Care Mask series at $28.90. Over 16 million packs have been sold in Japan, so get yours now! Promotion is valid from now till 27th April, while stocks last! Utena is available exclusively at selected Watsons stores.

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    [NEW] Kracie 肌美精 (Hadabisei) Skincare Range

    Goosh!~ I am late for this post. I am supposed to post it latest by yesterday. I am quite fed up with my work so I went for a short getaway at JB. I sort of gotten too tired after I come back that I fall asleep after bathing with my wet hair…

    Honestly, when I was asked to review on this product, I went to google about this brand or any review on Hadabisei and there is almost not much info. Hence, I wondered how many people actually know this brand. I then decide to post a photo on my blog and facebook. One of my friends, Sheena actually guess it right. I am actually surprise to someone know this brand.

    This is the first time I got an invite to review item. I know previously I also used Vichy for a month but it was for a contest last time. Eternity gave me a full size to try on for a month and write true review on the product. I actually have already tried it when I am blogging this and I would say they are better than I expected it to be. So do stay tune to my blog for more updates on this product~

    Kracie is actually from Kanebo previously. In Japan, they actually manufacture a lot of products from hair product to food and also to drug store product. In Singapore, you can see Ichikami Hair Products, Epilat Hair Removal products and of course Hadabisei. (I remember seeing Navie few months back)

    *+*Showcasing the products*+*

    Kracie Hadabisei Clear Lotion and White lotion with Free cotton

    Hadabisei Clear lotion – Gently remove dead skin from your skin.

    Hadabisei White lotion – Enhance the brightness of your skin after usage.


    The clear lotion (on the left) comes with a pump and the white lotion (on the right) has a opening for pouring.
    Something I would like to really appreciate is the free cotton pads. They are not those cheap cotton pad as they comes with 2 surface and the rough that can be used to exfoliate your skin. This will work perfect with the clear lotion. I am a believer of buying good cotton pad. Really special thanks to them~

    For more info: http://www.hadabisei.jp/
    CM: http://www.hadabisei.jp/cm/cm01.html

    I will be blogging clear lotion this coming Saturday and the white lotion will be the next Saturday. For the last week, I will be doing a comparison on my skin before and after the usage.

    Disclaimer: The products were provided by Eternity Inter-Trade (Singapore) Pte Ltd. I did not paid for the but the benefit received will never not influence the content, topics or posts made in this blog.

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