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    My Virgin eyebrow waxing

    I didn’t blog for a very long time and pretty much still not so settled down in my house. Honestly, I only unpacked a few boxes. I am very busy with my taobao preorder so this explains all my delay.

    I really have ugly and messy eyebrow. I am inferior of my eyebrow too. I know some of my friends will say I am ungrateful because my eyebrow don’t belong to those that really don’t no hair kind. But eyebrow is the only part of my face I have no idea how to add makeup on it.

    If you don’t have eyebrow, you really don’t have a face
    ~by Saoirse Roman

    I have been reading awesome review of Benefit eyebrow waxing so decided to go with my beauty buddy, Cynthia. She wants to go eyebrow shaping and I was thinking of going too so I went there too.

    This is the before. (To be fair, I decided to only show my eye brows only bec I look kind of strange with a pretty eyebrow and a makeup-less face)

    This is after waxing and shaping.

    Left side was drawn and right side was still the waxed eyebrow.

    The final result of the perfect eyebrow.

    I have done plucking of eyebrow and threading before. Plucking was okay but sometimes it just take slightly longer time. Threading hurt like mad for me. In terms of pain, waxing was somewhere in between plucking and threading.

    I went to the benefit counter at Tangs and the lady who did my brow was professional and fast. Since this is my face time doing this, she explains how she will be doing. Even when she just outlining the shape of the brow, it look nice and neat.

    I will definitely go back again and I recommend that you give her a try. I have yet to go to other Benefit counter so I am not sure if the services will be the same. But I am satisfied with the Tang’s one.

    Thank you for reading~

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    Vanity Trove (August 2012)

    Wohoo~ I thought I will only be getting next month since now I no longer stayed with my parents and my place is forever without any people. Therefore I still remained all my beauty box subscription to my parent’s place.

    This month, I even did a youtube video. I did it while waiting for my hair to dry and I used an iphone to edit the video. Impressive right?

    Photos of this month’s Vanity Trove:

    Vanity Trove (August 2012)
    Vanity Trove (August 2012) – inside
    Brands Innershine Products
    Biore Makeup remover and Neutrogenar foaming scrub~
    Origins Plantscription™ Anti-aging Cleanser
    Marjolica Marjorca Eye Reset Gel
    The Scottish Fine Soaps Au Lait Bath & Shower Gel
    Sampar Glamour Shot Eyes

    This month Vanity Trove Box in my view have several repeated cleanser which I feel can be actually better by having a more variety of products. I have yet to review my last month Vanity Trove Box which actually a Tang’s box. Really appreciated the kind gesture because i heard that the Tang’s box was given on random and the previous month box was not as good.

    I have yet to used any the items yet. I will do a review again once I used the items.

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    Les Merveilleuses de Ladurée

    Everyone knows I am crazy when it comes to Jill Stuart, I dun really used it but yet I spend a lot of it because it has nice packaging and it smells nice. It also like to come out with limited edition to tempt me to buy them. However, I was browsing online as usual, something caught my eyes!!

    Les Merveilleuses de Ladurée cosmetic looks so pretty. They are not those cute or glamorous type of beauty. One look it reminded me or noble and royal which is supposed to be as Merveilleuses is a name given to the most prominent leaders of female fashion which is also their image of the brand. It portray an image that other than the general beauty that everyone is doing, the most important is to find your own unique beauty. They hope that by using Les Merveilleuses de Laduree to find the unique beauty in you.

    I guess there is a lot of people who know what is Laduree, they make fantastic Macaroons. Ladurée is a luxury bakery brand founded in 1862 by Louis Ernest Ladurée, a french miller from the southwest of France. The brand is known as the inventor of the double-decker macaron known all over the world.

    It has a name of “Best Macaroons in the world”

    It was quite a shocking news for a pastry company to also join to competitive cosmetic line. It is a colarbortion with Albion and Ladurée. Albion made other brands like Anna Sui, Jill Stuart and Paul and Joe too. It was first launch in Japan, Tokyo early this year. It will be launching in Europe this autumn and later in US and the rest of Asia.

    Image taken from http://forums.soompi.com/discussion/374562/x

    Products of first launch:
    * Face Color Rose Ladurée. Available in 3 shades, this is a powder blush pressed into rose petals. (¥7350 for refill; ¥3150 for case)
    * Cream Cheek Base (5 shades, ¥4410)
    * Pressed Cheek Color: (20 shades, ¥3900 for refill; ¥1575 for case and brush)
    * Rouge (7 shades, ¥4410)
    * Translucent Makeup Base (¥5250)
    * Color Control Base (¥3990)
    * Smoothing Base (¥3990)
    * Stick Concealer (2 shades, ¥3990)
    * Fluid Foundation (3 shades, ¥6090)
    * Face Powder (4 shades, ¥8820 for refill, ¥3780 for case with puff)
    * Cheek Brush (¥6300)
    * Face Powder Puff (¥630)
    * Hand Mirror (¥3675)

    Understand why it mesmerized me? First is their flower pedal blusher, it reminded me of the ancient type of makeup where woman have to wet their lips and apply the lip colouring paper by putting it in between.

    I bought 4 pedal from their 01 and 02 blusher. I think it cost around S$11/pedal with shipping. It has a nice smell too. But its price is way more expensive than Jill Stuart. I guess that will stop me from wanting it as Jill Stuart is still my favourite. I feel that Jill Stuart is for princess and Les Merveilleuses de Ladurée is for queen or diva.

    Below are the Summer and Fall released respectively.

    If you want to read more about this brand do refer to the link below:

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    Recent Haul

    Even though I am really packed with studies, assignment and mid terms for last month, I still manage to do some minor shopping. Just finished my last report for this term’s module, so I decided to blog a haul entry first as it take lesser time.

    Let’s just start from my recent haul from Japalang.
     Great Sales leh~ Up to 90% Sales!!

    This is my overview of the items that I buy there.

     I discovered I got 2 items not in the photo. There are the items.

     K Palette eyeliner and eyebrow liner at S$14 and S$17.

     Details of the eyebrow liner. This liner consist of a powder tube and the liquid liner.

     Swatches of the eyebrow liner~

     Details of the liquid eyeliner. I specially chose a brown because saw a few blogger using this colour, so I decided to try brown colour.

     The brush tip is super thin and I tried it on my eyes, it is easy for beginner like me to draw a nice liner.

     Next, I bought the 2 Gransebo blusher – 04 (S$10 for 2).

     It has a nice frosty pink shade. I think it is too light for me but that’s the only shade around and I think this shade may also look nice on me.

     I have unboxed the mask so what is left is just the mask itself. The mask is buy 1 get 1 free at S$10 which is very worth it and not to forget, for a kitty fan like me, this is something not to be missed.

     Naruko items. I actually bought 4 from the sales. 1 Naruko Tea Tree toner (S$16), 1 Tea Tree Treatment serum (S$18), 1 Celestial White Moss (S$21), 1 ampm washing powder. Trust me, they are really great and worthy products.

     The lucky draw Gachapon~

     I only got 2 paper soap and 1 kitty hair tie which u can see from the group photo. The body scrub was a complementary door gift from them.

    You can see my long ass story of the sales here!~ I decided to separate the haul post as I really am tired and need to sleep now, if not I will not wake up for my bridging lesson tomorrow.

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    Poetreeinbloom Mother’s Day Gift

    I should be studying for my examination tomorrow but I am craving to do a blog entry so I shall do one entry on Mother’s Day Gift then.

    I was scrolling on my website to see if this new skin is giving me anymore trouble. This theme apparently do not allowed any new post to be bold, underlined, italic or any change in my text but I really love the font and layout of this blog so I shall keep this theme till I find a better one. But anyway, I was scrolling and I saw Nuffnang’s advertisement on poetreeinbloom. I decided to click in for the first time in my life. I usually do not click on advertisement even though it is advertisement on my blog. I have to admit recently I love reading vivawoman who blogs about natural beauty products. My interest on beauty product grew from there too. I am not exactly paid by this poetreeinbloom directly but I went to do some research on this brand.

    I found the famous Sophie is also using their products. The product is from France. Poetreeinbloom has high expectation on their products so they face chosen Le Château du Bois & Une Olive en Provence for their quality on their products. Something to take note is that they do not do animal testing and there is also animal-derived ingredients in the products. To know more, u can read from poetreeinbloom and Sophie website.

    They are now having their Mother’s Day Promotion on their 2 brands, Le Château du Bois & Une Olive en Provence. Le Château du Bois & Une Olive en Provence. Mother’s Loving Touch consist of $80 (valued at $115) 
with La Château du Bois Hand & Foot Cream (150ml each) plus purple scented sachet, whereas Mother’s Nurturing Embrace consist of $75 (valued at $108) 
With Une Olive en Provence Hair & Body Shampoo (500ml), Body Lotion (200ml) plus green scented sachet. I think it is a great bargain for mum’s who like to use hand cream and I might really consider getting for my mum too. Since I know they uses the best ingredients and I want to give my mum’s the best stuff in the world just like she always gives me the best stuff in the world too.

    Do “Like” the Poetree Facebook page if you are interested in their products!~

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