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    Difference in the Bella Boxes~

    I have to do a disclaimer first. I only start subscribing to Bella Box from November 2011 onward so I do not have any boxes earlier than that.

    Bella Boxes value feedback (or complaints) and improve on them. Actually the size of the boxes doesn’t really matter to me. I am more particular in the content of the boxes but I can see the effort and improvement to make Bella Box a better box. I do like smaller boxes as It is easier to store them. 🙂

    The box is much more smaller. It seems to drop a size smaller.

    More details of the difference in size

    The new box is also less thicker

    Comparison of the inner boxes.

    I have to say I do like the big outer box but it is because I used it to store my more cosmetic. However, I guess if I have too many of the old boxes, I would also find them bulky and useless. Therefore, I welcome the idea of saving the world with smaller box and lesser crinkled paper that is used cushion the products. I must say that the inner box is really of a better quality than old version. The texture is must smoother and not glossy. (I dun like glossy surface boxes) As for the design of the boxes, I love the simple and elegant design of the new boxes, the older design has more words on the outer box and stripe patterns on the inner box.

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    Bella Box (January 2012)

    *This box is cropped from one of the photo because I forgot to take the photo and opened it*

    Today post shall only be about what is in the January Bella Box. There are some feedback from some customer that the boxes are big, bulky and not environmental friendly. Bella Box team really value these feedback and this month boxes was significantly smaller and more environmental friendly. I shall do a comparison in my blog post tomorrow.

    Showcasing the bella box for this month

    The introduction of this month beauty box~

    The outer box is still pink but the inside box had a simple design with only BB logo. The quality of the inner box seems better too. The surface is smooth and classy. Since the outer box is smaller, the inner box is also smaller. But smaller doesn’t mean lesser item. They still give 5 sample items to try but initially I did get a shock because when I open the box, I saw 3 items only because they wrapped 3 item in another pink wrapper.

    After un-tapping, belif product pamphlet…

    More details of the belif product pamplet…

    Tata~ The products in the January box…

    Eh… How come only 3 items?

    Tada~ You need to unwrap the pink wrapper~

    Detail product of the box as shown below (Left to right; top to down):
    1. Dr Jart Detox Healing Blemish Balm (SPF25 PA++) 15ml
    2. Herban Essentials Lemon Towelette
    3. Dr Dennis Gross Skincare Extra Strength Alpha Beta Peel Patented Two-Step Anti Aging Treatment
    4. Pangea Organics Lip Balm (Grapefruit and Sweet Orange)
    5. Belif Hydra Sebum Control Essence

    This month product is not as worth as the December’s box. I can’t believe that they include one Towelette  in this package, I have yet to try it but I don’t think Towelette has anything to do with beauty. I might not appreciate this item well because I think it is not suitable to be in this box. Maybe they just include as an additional item will be better.

    However, I am quite happy with Dr Jart’s BB cream as I have been wanting to try them for ages. The rest of the item seems quite alright for this box and I will review the items soon. I do hope that there can at least be one cosmetic item in every month’s box.

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    Jill Stuart December Haul~

    I dun care about posting my KL trips first. I will post this entry first because I just can’t wait to share this~ I always have a soft spot for this brand because not only its packaging is nice, it scent and colours are so irresistible. I actually got this mook (憧れの“JILL顔”レシピA to Z” (Jill Face Recipe A to Z)) before Christmas. This is Jill Stuart 3rd Mook and has released on 8th December 2011 in Japan at 1470yen. (For more info, do check out Iris’s blog)

    I also blog about the 2nd mook here, do check it out if you haven’t done so previously~

    *Warning: this shall be a picture intensive post from here on*

    Please do not edit off my watermark and credit my photo if u are using them. I took lots of effort to take them~

    Tada~ The new Jill Stuart 3rd Mook – 憧れの“JILL顔”レシピA to Z” (Jill Face Recipe A to Z)~

    Just a sneak shot of the latest 2012 Spring Collection “Bare Petal”~

    All the previous spokesperson for Jill Stuart since 2007. Seriously I still love the 2008 one most~

    Jill Stuart makeup techniques for eyes

    This Japanese girl is just so seductive in a very subtle way~ I stare at her for 10 seconds before flipping~

    In case u wonder how Jill Stuart look like. That’s her!

    How can they not featured their new release Vanilla Lust?

    The gifts in this mook with purchase of the mook. I was just attracted to it~

    The gift is in this box!~ *Sorry I messed up with the lightings of this photo*

    Okay. I am giving too much suspense!~ Taking the gifts from the box

    I must admit the first look disappoint me a bit.

    Taking it out of the box~

    The 2 gifts from the mook. They are nice~

    The netted storage for flat small items.

    The inner storage. I have to admit the size is really pretty. It can fit 500ml bottle of beauty product so u might not necessary just put makeup products~

    Happy family shot of the mook and the gift.

    I will explain why I am kinda of disappointed. I seriously bought this mook bec I just love Jill Stuart and basically I dun understand what they are writing too. However, the content and the photos featured in the mook is just too pretty to be ignored. They did a makeup techniques section this time round too. But the texture of the gift is kinda of disappointed. I expected it to be soft and smooth like the previous 2 mooks. I guess that they chose this tougher texture to make sure that it look more sturdy but it sort of sacrifice its dainty feeling~ The good thing about this mook is the gift comes in a coin and tissue pouch plus a makeup bag. The volume is also bigger than the previous 2 and it can put toner inside which is good for ladies who travel~ I guess the design was to ensure that it can fit their beauty products. I think this is a good effort that can bring convenience to ladies~

    Next is to showcase the haul that my brother got me. I don’t really wish to thank him since he did not buy this for me as a gift (He very giam towards me) but still need to thank him to making a trip specially to Langham Place to get this perfume. I did asked him to get the Christmas set too but he totally pretend he did not hear me. 🙁 Kinda of expected from an Otaku like him~ Still I think is better than nothing.

    He bought the 50ml one and they free a miniature one which is 4ml!~

    The box is quite difference from the previous Night Jewel and Jill Stuart perfume. This box seems to be chemically treated with waterproof texture~

    Side 1: Some Japanese instruction~

    Side 2: The meaning of this release as well as its ingredients.

    Aren’t they a beauty?

    I have to admit that the scent is just heaveanly and much better than I expected. Since I don’t really know what vanilla smell like and is freaking worried that it might smell like MCD ice cream~ Plus I saw coconut in one of their top note and I am really worried but it came out nothing like what I imagine and the scent is just sweet smelling fragnant. I have to admit the price is kinda of on the high range but being a fan of Jill Stuart, this is a item that you must collect!~

    for more details of the Vanilla Lust can be seen here.

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    Niu Er at University (大學生了沒)

    Okay, I always follow very closely to my beauty idol lao niu (老牛) news till a stalking extent. 😛 But I really think that he is super knowledgeable in terms of beauty. Okay, he sucks at makeup and he knows it too. In this episode of University, niu er disclosed the secret of hydrating, acne and whitening. In part 1 of the video, he did mentioned that the 3 golden rules to good skin is cleansing, hydrating and sun protection. Have you done yours? If not do take about 1 hour to see the videos.

    In case, you wonder what product from Naruko is being featured, do click here. Singapore reader who is interested to get the products can purchase them from here

    大學生了沒 2011-12-16 你不知道的美妝品秘辛! (Part 1)

    大學生了沒 2011-12-16 你不知道的美妝品秘辛! (Part 2)

    大學生了沒 2011-12-16 你不知道的美妝品秘辛! (Part 3)

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    [Review] Benico 3D Sheet Mask Marine Collagen (moisturizing)

    Been trying to publish out some of the sponsored items that have been in my draft since few months back. I decided to post a short review on this mask that was raved by bloggers.

    Today will he reviewing on Benico 3D Sheet Mask Marine Collagen (moisturizing) that is recently raved by lots of beauty blogger so I redeem this mask from the sample store.

    My face before using the mask. I have only apply basic skincare (Toner, moisturiser and serum) before the application of mask.

    The mask before taking out. Seems nice to me.

    Filled with plenty of essences!~ The mask is very wet but not to the extend of dripping. There will still have residual of essences after the application of the mask.

    The texture of the paper is very smooth and you can still see your skin when u use this mask. 🙂

    After 15 – 20 minutes, the essences in the mask still did not dry out

    My face immediately after the mask before patting the essences.

    I torn my mask!!!

    I am disappointed in this mask as this mask is not as cheap as compare to Taiwan masks. I might be too harsh on this mask but I feel that paper mask are supposed to fit one’s face. I had a hard time trying to open it then after like 5 min and I then discovered that I torn the mask. I torn the center top part of the mask. It might be because I torn the mask, the mask seems to be unfit for my face. I have a very big face but the mask somehow still did not fit nicely. Since this mask is from Japan, I find that the nose is really too high for typical Asian.

    I did not soak it as I was applying late at night before sleep so I did not warm this mask. The instruction did not mention that it is a compulsory to soak so I did not soak it in warm water. My skin did feel moisturized but I felt some stickiness while patting and massaging to let my skin absorbs the serum. I pat for 15 minutes and still feel a bit of sticky. However, once the essences dries out completely, my skin feels softer. I doubt I will buy this mask as I feel that there are better mask around with a cheaper price.

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