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    My Virgin eyebrow waxing

    I didn’t blog for a very long time and pretty much still not so settled down in my house. Honestly, I only unpacked a few boxes. I am very busy with my taobao preorder so this explains all my delay.

    I really have ugly and messy eyebrow. I am inferior of my eyebrow too. I know some of my friends will say I am ungrateful because my eyebrow don’t belong to those that really don’t no hair kind. But eyebrow is the only part of my face I have no idea how to add makeup on it.

    If you don’t have eyebrow, you really don’t have a face
    ~by Saoirse Roman

    I have been reading awesome review of Benefit eyebrow waxing so decided to go with my beauty buddy, Cynthia. She wants to go eyebrow shaping and I was thinking of going too so I went there too.

    This is the before. (To be fair, I decided to only show my eye brows only bec I look kind of strange with a pretty eyebrow and a makeup-less face)

    This is after waxing and shaping.

    Left side was drawn and right side was still the waxed eyebrow.

    The final result of the perfect eyebrow.

    I have done plucking of eyebrow and threading before. Plucking was okay but sometimes it just take slightly longer time. Threading hurt like mad for me. In terms of pain, waxing was somewhere in between plucking and threading.

    I went to the benefit counter at Tangs and the lady who did my brow was professional and fast. Since this is my face time doing this, she explains how she will be doing. Even when she just outlining the shape of the brow, it look nice and neat.

    I will definitely go back again and I recommend that you give her a try. I have yet to go to other Benefit counter so I am not sure if the services will be the same. But I am satisfied with the Tang’s one.

    Thank you for reading~

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    [Food Friday] Pokemon Cup Noodle

    My New Year resolution is that I will try to make my blog more active. I will be trying to do a Food Friday for a trial. Anything to do with food, I will blog here. Since Chinese New Year is around the corner, I will be scheduling a few Food Friday post so do stay tune.

    For the first Food Friday post, I have done a video of my review for Pokemon Cup Noodle.

    I bought this from Isetan Supermarket at West Gate, I do not see this in supermarket elsewhere yet. So if you would like to try this cup noodle, I believed you can only buy them from Isetan Supermarket.

    I really love Japanese cup noodle because it always taste so well. Initially I did not have high expectation because the packaging is pretty and pretty things in Singapore does not taste good. However, this cup noodle taste good. It is soya sauce flavoured, the flavour is in the cup noodle itself and one do not need to do anything accept adding water to the noodle. I love the taste and the looks of it. I am a fan of pokemon though I stop watching after several series ago. The pikachu rice cake that is in the cup noodle is so kawaii.

    However, I will not purchase it again unless there is a sale. This is because not only it is not easily accessible to purchase but it is small. Since it is pokemon theme cup noodle, I can only think that it is for kids. The portion is too small for me. I might need to eat 2 cups to be full and if I ever eat 2 cups, I could spend that amount to buy a full size Japanese cup noodle and still have spare money. Therefore as much as I love it, the price is too expensive for frequent purchase.

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    [Review] Kraft Macaroni and Cheese Easy Mac

    This post have been drafted like few months back. The reason for not publishing was because I did not took the photo of the final photo so I thought I had one photo somewhere but I just couldn’t fiind it. As such, I decided to upload the video as an replacement so do take a look at the video.

    I am always a cheese monster. The one thing I think I can eat for the rest of my life will be cheese so anything to do with cheese, I will just buy. That’s before I started to condemn instant food. I bought this from Marina Bay Sands Cold Storage. I am a super lazy person and since I am staying with my husband brother and wife, I do not really want to cook and dirty the kitchen so I started finding instant food. I don’t even want food that need me to on the stove.

    The front of the easy Mac. Do note that there is a version which u need to use stove to cook it.
    A simple description of the preparation
    One box contain quite a few of these. This is just what u need for one serving of Cheese Mac
    Macaroni poured out. You need to add some water in it to “boil” it in Microwave
    Just Microwave it!
    After Mircowave just add the cheese poweder and stir it.

    That’s the instagram video that I uploaded. (But since I can’t embed instagram video so uploaded to youtube)

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    [Review] Paris Baguette Cafe Takeaways

    I was dizzy for the past few days. In case anyone wonder, nope I am not pregnant. Tested few days back and these are just the symptom of my pre-mensuration cycle. Ever since I screwed up my mensuration cycle, whenever it is going to come I will be in an extremely weak and bloated stage.

    Back to my short review, I had a takeaway from Paris Baguette Cafe at JEM branch. For this review, I will only be reviewing on the food as I think it is not fair for me to review on the cafe design and service since I did not dine in.

    Sorry if it looked misty as I store it in my fridge.

    I like how the way the label their sandwiches.

    Not sure why there is some Korea wording on the tape.

    The Mini Croissant Family. (It is just as mini as it looks)

    The Mini croissant sandwich family consist of two ham and cheese croissants and an egg and bacon croissant

    Saw this on the way I was paying. It was my favourite type of bread.

    Guessed it? Walnut Cream Cheese Bread!!

    Total Damage: S$9.90

    It was quite a high price cafe despite locating at a heartland mall. I tried it due to my curiosity but the taste was not as fantastic as the price. Let’s start with the mini croissant family, I was quite surprise how the ham and cheese tasted. I thought it would taste awful because I saw the stalk of veggie coming out but to my surprise, it taste great. It is unlike those typical ham and cheese croissant whereby it is just salty but there is a tingly flavour of freshness inside which i believed came from the veggie. However, I do not like the egg and bacon croissant. The ham and egg croissant taste great so I was hoping that the egg and bacon one taste great too but the taste was disappointing. I find it too bland and lack of savoury taste.

    Next I bought my favourite Walnut Cream Cheese Bread. It was awful. I expected more creamy taste in it but it didn’t reach that kind of creaminess. There is a strong stench of oil in the walnut like when the walnut is kept for too long. Not to mentioned it cost much more than the others which is cheaper.

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    Haircut at 76Style


    This is actually my 4th time at 76Style, 3rd time with Hikki and 1st time at Mont Kiara branch. After Hikky went to Mont Kiara, I haven’t had the chance to go there. (I have yet to blog about my previous hair cut but will try to blog back when I have the chance.)

    Here is the outside of the 76Style Mont Kiara Branch

    The sofa waiting seat at the salon. The sofa is comfortable!!

    Hikky and Sato (I think is Sato la) cutting hair.

    They serve coffee and tea~

    Finally took a photo of their legendary treatment~

    This time I decided to cut, perm my hair and touch-up my hair root. Here we go…

    My hair before anything. Hikky is “hiding” behind me.

    I really trust Hikki with my hair.

    This time I decided to but my hair much shorter and also cut my fringe very short. I had to admit that despite trusting Hikki with my hair, my heart still beat quite fast as I really feel unsafe cutting this short. Hikki did not fail me. I love it very much. It is something that I wanted!! I never knew I could carry short fringe and shoulder length hair.

    Dun judge my hair. It is not 100% done yet.

    Hikki finishing up her initial cut.

    Next, perming. The cute guy mixing the chemical to soften my hair.

    My fringe is not permed so they did not wrapped it under the plastic.

    Time for perming~

    Everytime I see this rollers, I really feel funny. It looks like the Egypt sphinx.

    As compared to the previous perm which i felt hot, the digital perming this time was so much better. I dun feel heat but it might be because my hair is shorter too.

    Removing the hot rollers.

    After they remove the roller, they still leave the curls cool before washing my hair again.

    My perm is done. Now to dying of hair.


    Applied the dye already. Since I am only touching up my roots only.

    Last step is the legendary hair treatment. I swear that even until today when I wash my hair, it is still soft. Maybe many people may say that I am crazy to spend this money on this treatment but trust me, this treatment is worth every cents u paid.

    Before it was clamped together, it is red.

    Once you clamped the hair iron clamps together, it will turned blue.

    This is actually not my first time going to 76Style. You can read the previous post here. I like the environment here better than mid-valley one. I am more of a stylist follower so when Hikki changed her working branch here, I also followed her. I personally find that her English seems to be better this time. It might also be I know what I want this time. I told her I want a shoulder length permed hair. I also told her I wanted to try shorter fringe. She understood and took the magazine out and told me which few style she recommend and I told her what I want.

    The she start with the hair cutting. I have to admit that after the fringe was cut, I am not satisfied with it. But I was thinking to see how it was style later. After the treatment/hair dye (I can’t remember already), Hikki did trim my fringe furthermore and now I love them. Phew, I did not start screaming at them initially.

    Many readers did ask me about the treatment. The hair iron resemble the typical strightener but it does not have any heat. When the clippers of hair iron are open, the light will turn to red and when clipping it together the light will turn to blue. Another thing about this hair iron is it produce a soft buzzling sound when the clippers is closed. It feels like some ultra sonic is emitted to your hair. I mentioned many times, I really love how smooth my hair will be after the treatment.

    So how is the final look??











    Took a shot outside of the salon while waiting for cab.

    Another shot while I was on coach back to Singapore.

    Last shot of me before going to sleep.

    So how was it? There are comments that perm don’t look nice on short hair but I really like the result. The shorter fringe did make me look younger too. I also shamelessly feel the below photos.

    Okay. Now I am embarrassed! Thanks for reading~

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