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    [Review] Merely Ice cream – Not the normal ice cream shop

    Image taken from their facebook. (As I was drafting this entry while waiting for Kk last Monday)

    I don’t think I should blog this entry since I am supposed to be dieting and ice cream is sure a no no but I decided to blog it because it is just too delicious. Kk who is not a fan of dessert love their ice cream too.

    I always try to resist their ice cream while walking past their shop at sunshine plaza along Bencoolen Street. (You can’t blame me because I am slimming)  It is like so hard especially if they happen to have my salted butter-scout ice cream.

    I don’t really know the bosses of the shop but apparently they are sick of desk bound job and venturing into the ice cream business without knowing how to even cook before doing this. They are really 3 very interesting people, they have an unconventional blog here. I have give them thumbs up for their hard work and creativity so if you passed by there, do give them a try. I think they also have alcoholic ice cream but I have yet to try before.

    This is my first try. 2 scope of ice cream (salted butter-scout ice cream+dark chocolate)

    I totally in love with the salted butter-scout ice cream because I really love salty stuff and this ice cream really bring out the special unique taste of butter-scout without any funny taste. However, the chocolate ice-cream seems to be less tasty when eaten together because I find that the butter-scout flavour seems to cover its gentle dark chocolate taste.

    This is my second try. 2 scope of ice cream (red velvet cake+oreo cream ice cream)

    I was sad when I did not see my favourite salted butter-scout ice cream. The red velvet cake is a limited edition favour, it is unique and feels more like eating a smooth texture cake than ice cream and the oreo cream is confirm my 2nd favourite favour of this ice cream shop. It is creamy without having the disgusting feel when u eat creamy things and yet it has some oreo biscuit bits. I assure you it is not those normal cookie and cream type of ice cream where the taste is so artificial. I ate with Kk this time round and he loves it too.

    My 3rd try (Gula Pandan+salted butter-scout ice cream)

    I ate this last Monday while waiting for Kk to finish his meeting. I wanted to get the oreo cream with salted butter-scout ice cream but I figure out it will be too fattening for me. The Gula Pandan is a mixture of melon and pandan cake. You did not hear me wrong, it is pandan cake!! Who would ever thing of adding pandan cake to ice cream? But it taste quite nice. The pandan cake they use also seems to be of a better quality type because the colour of the cake is less green.


    I shall give them ★★★★★ for their awesome ice cream but maybe a small advise is they could recommend the ice cream and make the testing of ice cream be more comfortable. Other than that they are just the prefect dessert shop I recommend.

    Being a really innovative shop, they also have their QR code which will directly link you to their facebook page.

    Eating Hagen Daz or Anderson Ice Cream is too common? Try them, they will rock your taste buds and don’t be afraid to try their unique favoured ice cream, it still taste very nice with those unconventional ingredients.

    PS: I am not paid or invited to do this review but they are just too great not to blog about them. Though it is not easily accessible to many people but they are definitely worth your effort to try them

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    Recent Haul

    I am kinda of dry of what to write recently, maybe I truly need a good rest after the ultra busy first half of the year. This year have been a great change to me, I am now officially Mrs Ng. But honestly, I am feeling tired more easily. I guess my metabolism rate has decreased greatly. I am getting fatter and more like an auntie. Studies and work sometimes really is demanding on me. Seriously, those who never go through studying and working at the same time have should not give comment like part time is easy. I have honestly wanted to give up a few times from end of last year to last month. I am now having a super short one month holidays. The sad thing is my holiday will end with August which means I am going to having my lessons again today… Thumbs down to this.

    Have been really stingy to myself this month because I am in debt. I know this is a vicious cycle and I don’t want to make my life in a bad state too. So this month with a kind help of hubby, I was given S$650 to spend. It may sound a lot but nope it wasn’t a lot because most of my salary went to my course of 1K and my phone bill of near S$400 and last month’s cc spending of S$500. I was really left with zero by the 5th of the month so Kk gave me S$650 to spend and of which I spend another S$350 on my mum, brother and previously promised purchases from my friend which end me with S$300 to spend. I told myself I wouldn’t want to live like this ever again so I shall try and build my saving again.

    But I still spend on some stuff towards the end of the month because it is either very cheap or I need to prepare for some occasions.

    Firstly, I bought 3 top from Qoo.com.sg. They all cost S$8.50 each and the shipping is S$5.30. However, I am horrified to get items from this selling again. I have shipped from Eurasia before but they will knock on my door and delivery to my house personally. This time, it fail to delivery to me, it just leave the item outside of my house and on the shoes rack. However, the shipping this time is much faster than the previous time.

    The quality of the top is not fantastic, but I would say given the price of S$8.90, who do I still have to expect? It worked out that 1 top is slightly more than S$10. The blue top is quite good just that it is too big, even for a L size like me, I feel big. Then the black and the white top is unbelievably thin. However, the attractive part is the design and price so on the whole the experience was still fine.

    The 3 items from Qoo10.com.sg

    Golgi color match 골지배색 / Color:blue 파

     Real manteau 리얼망토 / Color:white ivory 흰

    Poncho T 판초티 / Color:black 검

    Then I got 4 items from Kikki.K. Initially wanted to get a Baking Organiser for Pei Wen BUT it is out of stock so I need to wait for them to call back ba… But I still got some stuff. I am eye-ing on their 2013 coral organiser but I think I still can wait and they usually will have sales early January for their organiser.

     My Haul bag from Kikki.K

     Total damaged is S$114.60 but because they have a discount on their memory book so in the end it was S$98.64.

    Things that I got 2 memory book that I am doing for my anniversary with KK and also the Christmas gift for my honey. I also got 1 receipt refill for my monthly receipt and my budget for detailed tracking of where my money go.

    Lastly, I bought 2 dress from collectpoint.
     My mini haul from collectpoint, my new favourite store in town!

     I tried this since last month and have been lemming it since then since it was S$72.90 and this price is seriously too high for me especially I am really broke.Sometimes it is good to wait so I managed to get a 20% and it cost S$58.32. (I bought it before the end of August as they are having a 20% storewide for the regular items)

    See my Instagram photo, many comment that it look nice on me. The lace is also comfortable. Totally in love with this dress.

     I saw this while I was on the Lowrys Farm’s fashion show at Bugis+ months back and have also been eye-ing on it. It was S$44.90 when I purchased it.

    It make my total damage to be S$103.22 and I am aiming to spend till I can get their VIP card. Okay, so anyone wants to give me their receipt, I don’t mind meeting u or pay for the postage. Current accumulation is S$145.36 + S$103.22 = S$248.58. I still need another S$351.42 to get it. 🙁

    I also went to got my Haba ion my esthe from Bing, I asked her to get for me.

    It was just I discovered that I will need to spend another S$200 at Comex IT fair. Hmm… I guess I have got no choice ba… Since my HDD is running low in space and my camera SD card is also giving me problems. Initially wanted to get 2 extreme SD card but it was sold out sold in the end got a 32gb and a 16gb instead.

     Overall haul from IT fair. Got 2 xbox 360 games at S$39.90 each, red mouse at S$14.20, Buffalo 2TB HDD for S$139, 1 Sand disk Ultra SD (32gb) at S$37 and the Sand disk extreme SD (16gb) at S$37. TOTAL DAMAGE S$258.10

     I immediately opened the red mouse when I was back home.

    The rest of the things was not opened because I was doing my assignment that night.

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    Vanity Trove (August 2012)

    Wohoo~ I thought I will only be getting next month since now I no longer stayed with my parents and my place is forever without any people. Therefore I still remained all my beauty box subscription to my parent’s place.

    This month, I even did a youtube video. I did it while waiting for my hair to dry and I used an iphone to edit the video. Impressive right?

    Photos of this month’s Vanity Trove:

    Vanity Trove (August 2012)
    Vanity Trove (August 2012) – inside
    Brands Innershine Products
    Biore Makeup remover and Neutrogenar foaming scrub~
    Origins Plantscription™ Anti-aging Cleanser
    Marjolica Marjorca Eye Reset Gel
    The Scottish Fine Soaps Au Lait Bath & Shower Gel
    Sampar Glamour Shot Eyes

    This month Vanity Trove Box in my view have several repeated cleanser which I feel can be actually better by having a more variety of products. I have yet to review my last month Vanity Trove Box which actually a Tang’s box. Really appreciated the kind gesture because i heard that the Tang’s box was given on random and the previous month box was not as good.

    I have yet to used any the items yet. I will do a review again once I used the items.