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    [Review] Merely Ice cream – Not the normal ice cream shop

    Image taken from their facebook. (As I was drafting this entry while waiting for Kk last Monday) I don't think I should blog this entry since I am supposed to be dieting and ice cream is sure a no no but I decided to blog it because it is just too delicious. Kk who is not a fan of dessert love their ice cream too. I always try to resist their ice cream while walking past their shop at sunshine plaza along Bencoolen Street. (You can't blame me because I am slimming)  It is like so hard especially if they happen to have my salted butter-scout ice cream.

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    Recent Haul

    I am kinda of dry of what to write recently, maybe I truly need a good rest after the ultra busy first half of the year. This year have been a great change to me, I am now officially Mrs Ng. But honestly, I am feeling tired more easily. I guess my metabolism rate has decreased greatly. I am getting fatter and more like an auntie. Studies and work sometimes really is demanding on me. Seriously, those who never go through studying and working at the same time have should not give comment like part time is easy. I have honestly wanted to give up a few times from end…

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    Vanity Trove (August 2012)

    Wohoo~ I thought I will only be getting next month since now I no longer stayed with my parents and my place is forever without any people. Therefore I still remained all my beauty box subscription to my parent's place. This month, I even did a youtube video. I did it while waiting for my hair to dry and I used an iphone to edit the video. Impressive right? Photos of this month's Vanity Trove: [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Vanity Trove (August 2012)[/caption] [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Vanity Trove (August 2012) - inside[/caption] [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="512"] Brands Innershine Products[/caption] [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="600"] Biore Makeup remover and Neutrogenar foaming…

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    Overall Lush Haul

    I shall compile all of the stuff I bought from Lush. No matter is Singapore or at Hong Kong. My first haul was last year December. It was crazily packed then because of its relaunched in Singapore. I find it too squeezy and left because I was carrying a backpack. Then, I went in the next week after my first visit then, I purposely picked a weekday and the staff are polite and asked what I need. I was telling them I was planning to get my friend a special present, they recommend their gift box then but I did not buy in the end because I just have something…

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    [Review] Orbis Petit shake (Peach)

    If you read Taiwan or Japanee magazine, you should be familiar with Orbis. This brand has the same concept as DHC and Fancl. In Taiwan and Japan, they are known as the big 3 for the mail order for beauty product. They each are similar yet different. Fancl is famous for its "no preservative" and DHC is famous for its "Olive Oil" product that is moisturising. Orbis is actually somewhere in the middle, for people like me who do not stick to a single brand of product, with Fancl product life span is just too short for me, whereas DHC seems to be great in their olive oil based. I…