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    Sunday double food review [Poulet and Auswine]

    My niece is finally back to Malaysia. Just what Joice told me, the whole Singapore seems to quieten down. Life is back to just 2 couples boring life. Like most Sunday, I really just want to relax and just do nothing at all. Sometimes lazing on bed is just so good. Kk and I woke up later so we had out brutch.

    We head out to Poulet. They just opened their new branch at Jurong Point. Kk and me actually had its main course before but they fail to impress us the previous time but still decided to try again. Since we do not want to have its main course again. We ordered

    Can’t remember the exact name but it is a Tuna Sandwich.

    Long Black and English Breakfast Tea

     Smith chicken and egg mayo sandwich

    Honestly, this is the first time I ate such a crispy croissant. The sandwiches that are used for Kk’s and mine are the same. The taste is perfect with the respective fillings. I can’t really review Kk’s part because I only had one bite. Kk’s tuna sanwich was nice. I guess the Croissant add a lot of the marks to it. As for my sandwich, I do feel that the egg mayo could have more mayo or seasoning as it was quite bland but the chicken filling with the sandwich managed to bring the flavour out. It taste more like a chicken sandwich then an egg mayo chicken sandwich. In addition, my food portion is big for me though I still manage to finish it. At least Kk and me will still go back for another visit. Maybe some day we will give another chance for its main course again. Or maybe poulet has good main course for steak but not the chicken or duck meat.

    After lunch, we watch the Wolverine. Hugh Jackman’s body is so so so attractive. I was asking Kk if he could train till such a body. 😛 Since it is a blockbuster so it was quite a great movie. Though I was quite shocked that the Japanese who Wolverine saved during WWII attempted to kill him to get his immortality. Though I expected that the ending and also expected that they will show a preview of the next Marvel movie.

    Went back home and decided to try the Magnum I bought…

    Can you believe it? It is pink!! Magnum Pink (Marc De Champagne)

    The taste was quite special. The chocolate crust still taste pretty much the same. However, the ice cream has a slight hint of champagne in it. It is not overwhelming.

    Slack at home till night. Decided to have something different for dinner. Joice, 2nd brother, Kk and me went to Farm Mart. This is the second time there and the first time to Auswine. I swear once you are at the door of the restaurant, you are already drooling already.

    The details of this restaurant as below:

    67 Sungei Tengah Road, #42 Farmart Centre
    Singapore, Singapore 699008

    Phone: 6219 9897

    Opening Hours
    Mon – Thu: 4:00 pm – 11:00 pm
    Fri: 4:00 pm – 12:00 am
    Sat: 12:00 pm – 12:00 am
    Sun: 12:00 pm – 11:00 pm

    In case u wonder, this is just plain water. 😛

    Soup of the day (I believe is cream of chicken)

    Kk ordered this. I swear the meat is just juicy and so delicious~

    Kk’s brother ordered this. Dory fish with prawn. Delicious~

    How can we forget about wine. Seriously this is the first official time I had wine with dinner.

    How can we forget the pork knuckle?? I can only say you have to eat it to believe how good it is.

    It is bigger than my fist.

    I ordered this. Baked scallop with Hollandaise sauce.

    This is the wine we ordered~

    The bill~ It cost S$136.60 for 4 of us with wine. Talking about how cheap wine and dine place.

    Even when blogging about this, my mouth is filled with saliva!!

    Let’s start with the soup. It was quite good though I wouldn’t say it is the best but I will still say it is better than average.

    Next is the chicken. I love the grilled chicken, it is grilled so well, slightly crispy on the skin, tender and juicy meat and super delicious flavours. Really very very delicious.

    Then the dory fish is fresh, I almost feel the fishy taste but no it was the fish taste, the taste of the sea, the meat is tender and when you put in your mouth, it melts there. I did not have the prawn so I can’t comment on the taste.

    Next is the pork knuckle. This is really the star main dish everyone must try if u like pork.The skin is so crispy and the oil under the skin taste so nice. The meat is so juicy and with the sauce, it just taste perfect. This is the first time I have eaten such a pork knuckles. But the portion is big, 4 of us shared this and only managed to force ourselves finish because it is just so delicious.

    The baked scallop with Hollandaise sauce is good on the first taste but become slightly oily after the first one. It might be because I ate it after it is not so warm. However, the scallop is really very fresh. I was kinda of preparing for a not so good scallop but it turned out to be very delicious~

    The wine Moscato d’Ast is something I like. Slightly sweet and aromatic~ But I think it might taste better with dessert. 🙂

    This Auswine is definitely a great restaurant out of nowhere. It is really inconvenience to go there but it is also because of its location, it is really a great place to chill but try to go earlier as parking is quite a problem there.

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    [Tag by Fion] The Liebster Award

    Firstly, I want to thank Fion for tagging me. No one actually nominate for for any form of blogging award before. Though this Liebster Award does feel like a chain letter thing but I am still willing to do an entry on it. (Fion, my blog is revived because of you!!)

    Here are the Rules:
    ♥ Post 11 random facts about yourself.
    ♥ Answer the 11 questions the awarding blogger has posted for you.
    ♥ Nominate 11 bloggers (with less than 200 followers ) for the award and link them in your post.
    ♥ Let the bloggers you have nominated know they are nominated.
    ♥ No tag backs.

    So I shall start with the 11 Random Facts about me…
    ★ I have a brother who is 10 years younger than me.
    ★ I have been blogging since I was in polytechnic.
    ★ The first male idol I love is Hideaki Takizawa (滝沢秀明)
    ★ I am a 100% Japanese pop culture fans
    ★ My mum send me to learn drawing when I was young
    ★ If I am nor married, I might be a farmer at Japan
    ★ I have a diploma in Civil Structural Engineering
    ★ I have one spree blogshop and one clothing blogshop
    ★ I love 牛尔
    ★ I have a scar on the right side of my face.
    ★ I dislike people controlling and nagging at me

    Now the question from Fion:
    1) What is/are your favourite cartoon character(s)?
    There are just too many favourite in my list. Hello Kitty, Disney princesses, Alvin and the chipmunks and many many more…

    2) What is/are your favourite accesory(accessories)?
    Hair clips? I usually don’t wear accessories.

    3) What is on your wishlist right now?
    I am very greedy so I have many wishes from time to time. I do hope to own a MacBook Pro with all the upgrades I want, I want to go Tokyo and attend Tokyo Collection, move in with Kk to our new house, visit my best friend (Bing)

    4) Name your favourite country & why?
    Japan!! I dun even need to think about it. I love everything about Japan. (Except working with them.) I love Sakura, Japaneses cusine, Japanese fashion, Japanese handphone, Japanese music, Japanese cute guys and everything else.

    5) Who is your biggest celebrity crush?
    Is 牛尔 a celebrity? So far he is the only one I really love a lot. I really want to have his perfect skin. As for female wise I would say Hikaru Utada. I love her voice!!!

    6) If you could have a time machine, which year would you want to go back to? Why?
    2007 during my polytechnic time. I miss the crazy time then. I miss the old simple and naive me. Every day was just fun despite having to travel so far. This is also the year I met Kk… 🙂

    7) What is your favourite movie AND favourite TV series?
    I am very fickle-minded in terms of movie and drama. I like fast and furious, 犀利人妻幸福难不难, 1リットルの涙, Avatar, Taken, Iron Man, Battleship, Avenger and many more…. I do not watch TV series. I love the drama edition of 1リットルの涙, 犀利人妻 and so on…

    8) Who is/are your favourite blogger(s)?
    Cheesie, Audrey, Tim, Xiaxue, Kelly, Clara, Jacqueline and so on. Too many to name…

    9) What is your worst habit that you wish to get rid of?
    Lazy after work. When I go home, I wouldn’t want to move an inch. I just want to slack at the crouch and just do nothing. Sometimes I really need to do some housework or blog or do packing for my blogshop stuff.

    10) If you can have super power, what do you want it to be?
    The ability to read minds. Many times I talk to direct that people don’t like me. I sometimes really hope that I can understand how everyone think.

    11) What is your favourite quote of all time?
    Life is a challenge, face it~

    ★ ☆ ✰★ ☆ ✰★ ☆ ✰★ ☆ ✰★ ☆ ✰★ ☆ ✰★ ☆ ✰★ ☆ ✰★ ☆ ✰★ ☆ ✰★ ☆ ✰★ ☆ ✰★ ☆ ✰★

    My Nominees

    1. Fion
    2. Nikki
    3. Bing
    4. Cynthia
    5. Irene
    6. Lewis
    7. Mia *Updated*
    8. Pei Wen
    9. Carol
    10. Carnellin

    I apologise in advance first because I really do not have much blogger friend so some blogger with more than 200 views is also included. Please do not take it offensive.

    Here are my questions to the nominees

    1. What is your favourite country and why?
    2. Who is your favourite blogger?
    3. What is the achievement that you have achieved so far?
    4. Cat or a dog?
    5. Which part of the body are you most satisfied?
    6. Apple or Samsung?
    7. What is your favourite 3 apps in your phone now?
    8. What are the 3 things u cannot live without? (Except necessaries)
    9. What character from a book, TV show, or movie do you identify with most?
    10. Why did you start blogging?
    11. If you could be someone else for a day, who would it be and why?

    I’m looking forward to reading everyone’s answers, so let me know once you post them up.