The 13 goals in 2013

I just post the 12 things that I achieved in 2012.

Personally I dun think I fulfilled much things, you can read my last year’s The 26 goals for 2012.

I will recycle some of the goals last year and add new ones in.

1. Keep fit.

Since now I do the have much pressure to slim down drastically, I prefer to take it slower and easier. I did mention that I am not someone in favor of slimming via medication. I just slimmed down about 2kg already. (Some went back due to the feasting during holiday seasons)

Ultimately, I want to slim in a healthy way. No starving and no more feeling tired. I discovered that by eating normally, one do not get fat that easily. (Honestly, I work field job so the calories that I used is not little) Overeating and starving can cause fat gain, this is my personally experience because overeating will mean taking in too much calories that your body needs whereas starving make your body stop functioning normally. When your body stop functioning properly, it affects your metabolism rate. Yes, skinny people have high metabolism rate.

I still wish to slim to 49kg at the end of the day, this is the lowest weight my body can go down. But I would aim to lose 2kg/month. Honestly, I feel my body getting stronger the next day if I go gym so I would really try to squeeze some time out to go more often.

2. Reopen my online shop

I did not manage to reopen last year but this year I really want to chiong due to some reason. Yup, my ego got hurt by some bastard who look down on me but that doesn’t matter. I will be putting more time to my blogshop. I am opening spree again. This time I will not only be doing Taiwan, China and Japan spree. I will also do US spree. Interested parties please leave a comment below.

For a start, I will be doing taobao spree that will be closing on the 11th January 2013 (Fri). Anyone who paid me, I will be ordering immediately and compile all the items before shipping it out. Anyone who want to get things for Chinese new year, don’t miss this chance.

3. Put in more effort in studies
I do not want to fail ANY more modules. I am wasting my money on it. I don’t really want to but sometimes during work life, it will affect your studies in some ways. I will try to revise every weekend and read the topics before the lesson. I will finished any individual assignment ASAP and not dragged. I have really learnt my lesson after failing not 1 but 2 modules.

My new term is starting this coming week. Honestly, I can’t wait to go back but I am still scared of failing.

4. Save money for my new house
The next big thing in my life. Renovation!! Kk have promised to let me take charge of the renovation. He will be paying and I get to decide.

Actually I am not supposed to share the layout as yet but I decided that I should take this opportunity to share them.

If you like their design, do follow them on facebook.

5. Decide on what I want for my new home.

Though the HDB mentioned on their official website that kk and my love nest will be ready Q1 of 2014 but I think it will finished latest by Q4 of this year. I work in construction so I know how long each part of the building will be taking.

I haven’t much decided on the theme of the house or what colour I will be using. I am seriously considering to get
walk in wardrode. Initially that was not in my planning but after some research, I am planning to get one and also I will do a bathtub!! Wohoo!! Shiok la… I just can’t wait to move to the new place.

6. Pass my basic theory
*Image taken from google search*

This is a goal to be finished after I clear my degree. I was kinda of pissed last week when my brother was telling me that he passed his driving for 1 year. He starting to mock me and said that he can pass me the triangle plate to me soon.

That’s why I want to passed the basic theory by end of the year. If possible the final theory too.

7. Use the beauty product religiously

Wahahaha. I am getting lazy day by day. Sometimes I don’t even apply anything to sleep or before I go out so I hope to protect my skin more. Woman must really be good to our skin because once the lines come out, there is no way to remove them.

I must apply sun screen before going out because I spend my time outdoor most of the time. In addition, bec of that I think I must moisturized and hydrate it before I sleep.

8. Take a photo everyday
I guess taking photo daily is a kind of recording down my life too. Even though I can’t update all the photos I have taken but I plan to used these photo to come out with a blog post weekly.

9. Drink at least 5 glasses of water
I hate drinking water. I know it is bad for body as well as dieting but I really don’t like to drink them. 8 glasses is too hard for me. I am now drinking a maximum of 1 glasses of water per day so I am trying to achieve 5 glasses per day which is about 1 liters of water.

10. Write 2 review per months
I really haven’t been able to achieve it last year. I love trying beauty products but honestly, I only got one face la so sometimes it takes time to finish a full size product. (I was getting lazy in applying skincare last year) I have been subscribing to Bellabox and Vanity Trove. I might cancel both boxes after chinese new year as I really have too much product in my cupboard waiting for me to use.

But if I really can’t review 2, I try to work with 1 first because school starting this week. I am not sure if I am able to blog often too. I really take a lot more time doing beauty review post.
11. Plan for a budget holiday trip

12. Protecting my phone (and my tab).
I did an excellent job protecting my iPhone 4s. I almost lost it in a cab where a kind taxi driver returned to me. Since now I got a note 10.1, I was hoping to protect both of them from stolen or taken or accidentally misplaced. I am trying to break all the stupid curse of me losing phone and whatever. My iPhone 4s will be given to my mum and by then I will sell my iPhone 4.

13. Maybe have a baby?
This is not a goal I would like to start early this year. I hate answer if I a pregnant or not because I am fat and many people will “assume” I am pregnant. I am more like wanting a house where I can have a peace of my mind before the kid is out. I will start to take chinese medicine and do whatever it takes after I move in to my new house. Before that, Kk and me leave it to the god.

I hate people asking me why am I not pregnant yet. I will jokingly say, “ai ya, kk old liao so sperm no strength…” but when they repeatedly ask me the same question, my EQ is not that high. There are times I feel like slapping these kpo people and scream at them, “MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS!!” I am very open in my personal things so if u see them on facebook or twitter means I pregnant le la. If not just don’t ask because unless u are going to tell me that if I not pregnant u are going to sponsor the treatment or medicine if not just shut up.

Thank you for reading, do leave a comment of your new year goals.

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