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    [Food Friday] Pokemon Cup Noodle

    My New Year resolution is that I will try to make my blog more active. I will be trying to do a Food Friday for a trial. Anything to do with food, I will blog here. Since Chinese New Year is around the corner, I will be scheduling a few Food Friday post so do stay tune.

    For the first Food Friday post, I have done a video of my review for Pokemon Cup Noodle.

    I bought this from Isetan Supermarket at West Gate, I do not see this in supermarket elsewhere yet. So if you would like to try this cup noodle, I believed you can only buy them from Isetan Supermarket.

    I really love Japanese cup noodle because it always taste so well. Initially I did not have high expectation because the packaging is pretty and pretty things in Singapore does not taste good. However, this cup noodle taste good. It is soya sauce flavoured, the flavour is in the cup noodle itself and one do not need to do anything accept adding water to the noodle. I love the taste and the looks of it. I am a fan of pokemon though I stop watching after several series ago. The pikachu rice cake that is in the cup noodle is so kawaii.

    However, I will not purchase it again unless there is a sale. This is because not only it is not easily accessible to purchase but it is small. Since it is pokemon theme cup noodle, I can only think that it is for kids. The portion is too small for me. I might need to eat 2 cups to be full and if I ever eat 2 cups, I could spend that amount to buy a full size Japanese cup noodle and still have spare money. Therefore as much as I love it, the price is too expensive for frequent purchase.

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    S$7+ Japanese cup noodle

    This is my first S$7+ noodle from Singapore. My usual cup noodle is those S$1 whereby I eat at times when I don’t know what to eat. But then few months back, Ang and me went to the cold storage near my site. We are like storing our winter supplies. I got sick of eating chicken rice and mix-veg rice so I bought some cup noodle to stock up.

    It was then I tell Ang that I got one S$4 Japanese cup noodle that I love because of the sweet tofu inside. Then we walk passed another cup noodle. Thinking that the most it will be S$5. We just take a put in the basket. We went to check out and to our shocking it cost S$7 plus. Shocking right!!

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