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    [Food Friday] Pokemon Cup Noodle

    My New Year resolution is that I will try to make my blog more active. I will be trying to do a Food Friday for a trial. Anything to do with food, I will blog here. Since Chinese New Year is around the corner, I will be scheduling a few Food Friday post so do stay tune.

    For the first Food Friday post, I have done a video of my review for Pokemon Cup Noodle.

    I bought this from Isetan Supermarket at West Gate, I do not see this in supermarket elsewhere yet. So if you would like to try this cup noodle, I believed you can only buy them from Isetan Supermarket.

    I really love Japanese cup noodle because it always taste so well. Initially I did not have high expectation because the packaging is pretty and pretty things in Singapore does not taste good. However, this cup noodle taste good. It is soya sauce flavoured, the flavour is in the cup noodle itself and one do not need to do anything accept adding water to the noodle. I love the taste and the looks of it. I am a fan of pokemon though I stop watching after several series ago. The pikachu rice cake that is in the cup noodle is so kawaii.

    However, I will not purchase it again unless there is a sale. This is because not only it is not easily accessible to purchase but it is small. Since it is pokemon theme cup noodle, I can only think that it is for kids. The portion is too small for me. I might need to eat 2 cups to be full and if I ever eat 2 cups, I could spend that amount to buy a full size Japanese cup noodle and still have spare money. Therefore as much as I love it, the price is too expensive for frequent purchase.

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    Foruchizu x Isetan Love Tokyo Fashion Walk

    Happy boxing day to everyone. Singapore basically do not celebrate this day but well I am guilty to drag this entry to now. Actually I discover today that I finished editing it early last week but was either not opening my laptop at home or don’t want to waste my data to upload the photos. Anyway, I shall stop my nagging and blog this!!

    I finally met Fion in person. (She is ultra friendly) I need to apologize to her first because I have been busy meeting my honey so I didn’t really notice my phone notification. I almost forgot about her until I was about to bathe near midnight the previous day. But anyway, the meeting was quite smooth as I went to KLCC twice so I am quite familiar there. I was slightly late but still early for the event. KL jam is just too unpredictable.

    First she introduce me to Chooi May.

    When I see her, I was like her hair is cool. She is pretty too but that’s the hair I want to dye!! (Photos stolen from Fion)

    After we met up, we decided to go to the place first. We stood right at the middle of the front row. Talk about kaisu!!

    Foruchizu Popup-store!!

    Snapshot of the things sold!!

    There are also other brand participating in this fashion walk. (Cochiillo, Majestic Legon, One after another nice Claup, SLY, Moussy, Iori)

    Before the start of the fashion show, Fion and I decided to camwhore since we have nothing to do.

    Our one and only camwhore with her.

    Then I spotted Audrey’s loving husband. I decided to be a paparazi and try to take a photo of him.

    First try fail. This lady managed to block him at the last second when I pressed the shutter.

    Then I tried again and Tim look into my camera. Oops, I immediately got a bit pai seh because I really dun mean to be rude to take pictures secretly.

    *Tim: If you see this, I am sorry. Hope I didn’t cause your discomfort*

    Then the show finally start. It was slightly later than the stated 2pm.

    The host of the fashion show. He sure knows how to heat up the atmosphere.

    First up, Cheesie! I swear my heart beat like mad when I saw her coming out. (Now I sound like one pervert) Though it is my second time seeing her so close. (First time was at Nuffnang bloggers award last year).

    This long sleeves dress can be purchase from Foruchizu popup store at Isetan.

    *Sorry for the blur image, I was one step later so didn’t manage to get pretty shot of Cheeise*

    The next one will be Audrey!! Though she is not those tall type of model but she does reminds me of  Tsubasa Matsuwaka. She just prove to everyone that even though she is mini but she can also be mode. Especially she will look into ur len when u wave at her.

    A similar piece as Cheesie’s but yet another feel.

    I have summarised the rest of the model clothing but I do not really remember their brands so if you would like to know more, do visit Isetan at KLCC for more information.

    Then Cheesie walking the second time with a cat ear hairband. I swear she look like princess when she walk out!

    After Cheesie, Audrey came in with the 2nd outfit. I like the bold golden flower bottom. *I forgot to find this bottom but I doubt they have my size*

    Then the model took a group shot at the runway

    More group shot of the models. They are all very pretty and skinny!!

    The extra tablet that block all the model view. >.<

    More pretty shots!!

    How can they look so pretty even at a NG shot??

    Talk about their actual shot. OMG!! Cheesie is so cute!!

    Noticed that they are wearing ankle wedges. I am also wearing black ankle wedges that day too.

    Fion using her ipad to take picture with Audrey. *Personally love this shot, feel kinda of like inception*

    The actual shot.

    I dunno why I look so awkward in this photo. I guess I must be afraid I smell because I was all sweaty after the show.

    Fion looking like a little fan girl!!

    It was a dream come true. Honestly, one of my birthday wishes this year is to take a photo with Cheesie.

    We then decided to be shameless and asked for autograph. Fion bought photos!! I only managed to get December Vivi magazine (Malaysia version). I did bring the Nov issue but I left it at honey’s place. 🙁

    Cheesie signing for Fion!!

    Stolen from Fion!! Wahaha… I am jealous.

    Never mind, I have my share too.

    Audrey signing on my Vivi magazine!!

    This is one and only hor… Give me money I also wun sell de!!

    Then Fion and me decided to take a photo with both Cheesie and Audrey.

    Cheesie is immediately posing with the Kola she got from Fion!!

    *Decided to cover my fats off. I couldn’t edit it off. :(*

    Audrey with her family plus Cheesie. On the right is Audrey dad (Fat Her) and mum.

    I bought 3 items but I decided to do another blog entry on the haul. Since with purchase, we can enjoy free manicure.

    Free Manicure. *Sponsored by China Glaze*

    My nails. I love the shade!!

    Fion’s one is so her right. *Somehow she just look good in metallic colours* Her nail polish is those recently crazed magnetic polishes!!

    Until now, I swear that this is the 2nd best thing that happen this year. The best thing is I got married. (Same year as Aud and Cheesie). Mina-san, Oyasumi~

    PS: Those image that are not watermarked belong to Fion. I also need to thank Audrey for linking me. I totally never expect she will do that.

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    Kose Discount @ Isetan Katong

    If you have been reading my blog, you will know I am so excited about this. Sorry for the craziness, I think I should work in Kose or Jill Stuart. After niu-er’s introduction for Kose, I really start to monitor their sales. I add them in facebook too and see if there is anymore events and promotion. I got invited to the event but I don’t think I am going this weekend since I might be going to something more exciting.

    Anyway, I am here to share to promotion @ Isetan Katong.

    If the picture is not clear enough, the discount as shown below (From left to right, from top to bottom):
    1. Seikisho Mask White (75ml) + Sekkisei Lotion Mask (Laminated x 5 pcs) – S$60 S$35
    2. Seikisho Emulsion (70ml) + Sekkisei White Liquid Wash – S$88 S$46
    3. Sekkisei Lotion Mask (Laminated x 5 pcs) + Sekkisei Emulsion (70ml) – S$67 S$42
    4. Sekkisei Supreme Emulsion (85ml) + Sekkisei Washing Cream (130ml) – S$102 S$60
    *2 sets per customer*

    Moisturized Skin Kit – S$137 S$97
    – Infinity Vital Comfort Mask (20ml x 6 sheets)
    – Infinity Tone Up Wash (10g)
    – Infinity Lotion Concentrate 14 (30ml)
    – Infinity Serum Completion (30ml)
    – Pouch

    Blemish-Free Kit
    – Seikisho Cleansing Oil (180ml)
    – Seikisho Clear Lotion (150ml)
    – Sekkisei White Liquid Wash (20ml)
    – Sekkisei Emulsion (70ml)
    – Sekkisei Lotion Spray Mist (40ml)
    – Pouch

    Bright Skin Kit
    – Infinity Lotion Concentrate 14 (120g)
    – Infinity Cleansing Oil (10g)
    – Infinity Tone Up Wash (10g)
    – Infinity Serum Completion (30ml)
    – Pouch

    The Kose Road Show

    1. Infinity Cream Excellent – S$306 (Free Infinity Trial Pack)
    2. Infinity Lotion Concentrate 14 (Full size) + Infinity Serum Completion (Full size) – S$78+ S$83 (Free Infinity Vital Comfort Mask (20ml x 6 sheets))

    Flyer (Front)

    Flyer (Back)

    I will be posting more photos on the products I have bought tomorrow. 🙂

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