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    Kawaii Style: Kawaii Style Episode 1

    I decided to blog about this show. I did not actually watch it on TV but I watched it on xinmsn. I really love Japanese culture and fashion so watching me bring some "touched" emotion because seriously, I think Singapore now is getting a bit too Korean. (There is no wrong with Korean stuff but I just love Japanese stuff more. :P) Host of this episode: Joanna Peh - Host Nicole Ishida - Model (BEAMS section) First brand they recommend is BEAMS. I did a research on this brand and below are some of the details of this brand: Beams is established in 1976 and headed by CEO and President…

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    Japanese Haul from Emoda and Dazzlin

    I have always love Japanese stuff. I was window shopping online where I come to saw that runaway webstore is giving free domestic shipping plus the already discount items on the webstore. I then got quite a few things from Emoda and Dazzlin. If you have been following Cheesie like me, you will know that she recently saw Matsumoto Ena who was the producer of Emoda and yes. This brand become my new favourite because of Cheesie. Okay, I know I can never be like Cheesie so Japanese model look. (She is skinny in person too) Still, I decided to buy not 1 but 5 from Emoda!~ Cheesie, if u…

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    JILL STUART Floral Scented Body Mist

    I received from HK Jill Stuart Mailing list that they will be having releasing a new limited edition Floral Scented Body Mist. This product is their limited edition product again. OMG for me because I am weak towards limited edition + Jill Stuart. I love to collect them rather than using them. I know I am very bad but till not I really can't bear to use them... T^T

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    Random Browsing – Prima Vista

    I was on urcosme’s facebook. I was actually attracted to the bling bling casing. Then I went to see which brand it belong to and found this brand “Prima Vista”. Seems like this brand launch something new but then I have never heard of this brand before. I doubt anyone in Singapore knows this brand. This is a photo of their press conference in Taiwan. Nice right? I like their foundation casing. Do you know what does Prima vista means? ‘Prima vista’ means ‘first look’ in Italian. Sofina Primavista will be the second core brand under Sofina, following Sofina beauté, launched in January 2008. The brand naming reflects lively and…

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    S$7+ Japanese cup noodle

    This is my first S$7+ noodle from Singapore. My usual cup noodle is those S$1 whereby I eat at times when I don’t know what to eat. But then few months back, Ang and me went to the cold storage near my site. We are like storing our winter supplies. I got sick of eating chicken rice and mix-veg rice so I bought some cup noodle to stock up. It was then I tell Ang that I got one S$4 Japanese cup noodle that I love because of the sweet tofu inside. Then we walk passed another cup noodle. Thinking that the most it will be S$5. We just take…