Kawaii Style: Kawaii Style Episode 1

I decided to blog about this show. I did not actually watch it on TV but I watched it on xinmsn. I really love Japanese culture and fashion so watching me bring some “touched” emotion because seriously, I think Singapore now is getting a bit too Korean. (There is no wrong with Korean stuff but I just love Japanese stuff more. :P)

Host of this episode:
Joanna Peh – Host
Nicole Ishida – Model (BEAMS section)
Anri Okamoto (Shiseido and old shop)
Chihiro Oide (Special cheese shop)

First brand they recommend is BEAMS. I did a research on this brand and below are some of the details of this brand:

Beams is established in 1976 and headed by CEO and President Yo Shitara, Beams maintains to be the pioneer of the fashion industry in Japan.


Beams is a brand of Japanese clothing and a chain of Japanese clothing stores that carry Breams brand as well as other clothing brands.


Beams clothing, found in company stores, is part of a mini fashion chain which has recently grown to department store status with outlets now scattering all over Japan. Some of the Beams department stores span over 7 floors with hundreds of products such as interior goods, furniture, galleries, clothing, shoes, and accessories.


The types of clothing offered under the Beams brand include wardrobe classics, shoes, bags, accessories, men’s and women’s casual, along with custom tailored pieces. The logos and artwork are often characterized as abstract or cartoon in nature giving a fun twist to upscale clothing. Far from following a prescribed patter of prestige, they set their standards to best serve the ever changing styles of life for new generations of Japanese consumers. Popularity of Beams clothing has been driven by the outstanding quality received at a reasonable price.
In May of 2005 Beams began developing its operations abroad. They first opened up a store in Hong Kong initially beginning as a ladies’ clothing shop. Since 2006, Beams stores have expanded to several locations in New York, London, and Paris.


In 2006, Beams celebrated its 30th Anniversary in Japan with special promotions, limited edition clothing items, and advertising campaigns.

Above taken from: http://www.virtualjapan.com/wiki/Beams

I must admit that this brand is not a common brand found in the Vivi/Mina/Popteen magazine. If I am not wrong, I did see this brand from Nonon which I rarely buy. Their clothing is simple yet they add small details to make it look attractive and stylish.

This is actual a plain long top but after adding studs (seems the in thing this season from the magazine I read) and the demin on the sleeves. Looks special, right?

Next is the dress Nicole chosen for Joanna. A simple prints but because of the soft-ness of this material (and Joanna’s good figure) it looks great on her. I too liked the ribbon details on the bust area.

The full view on the dress and the co-ordination. Though it will be hard to see boots coordination in Singapore, but I think Singaporean should really try this look.

The set that Joanna wore at the end of the show

I like this part of the top. (Not to forget this salmon peach colour too)

Next, the show did a very summarised report on TGC which is also known as Toyko Girls Collection. This TGC is for the 2012 S/S at Nagoya. It is reported that 35,000 people was there for the event.First model to walk on stage is Nozomi Sasaki for Urban Research. (You can see the video here). It is reported that Black is the colour for next year S/S in terms of Japanese fashion is concern. Black can be mix in between to create a stylish feel.

The brands that participate in the TGC 12 Nagoya:
Another Edition
Avan Lily
Demi-Luxe BEAMS
Fabulous Angela
Jewel Changes
N.Natural Beauty Basic *

I have summarized some main brands that you can see in the magazine, my favourite 2 brands Liz Lisa and Cecil McBee.

Liz Lisa X Tsubasa Masuwaka (Bunny ears)

Cecil McBee has Rola. This is one brand I would really hope to see in Singapore.

Next, Anri Okamoto introdouced Shiseido Ginza. It is opened in 2011. It is like a full shiseido product showroom and testing place. As we know Shiseido has lots of brand under its wing like Shiseido, Majorica Majorca, Maquillage, Integrate , ZA and many more so having all the products under the same building is sure a clever idea. Anywa, the first floor is beauty square which consist of all the makeup brand under its branch. (The Majorica Majorca has a magical house in there.) Second Floor is for skincare and they have also a hair saloon. Third Floor beauty parlor where they have specialist to analysis your skin and recommend the colour suitable for you.

Details of the place
Address: 7-8-10 〒 104-0061 Tokyo Ginza, Chuo-ku,
Tel No: 03-3571-7735
Opening hours: 11:00 to 20:00
Direction from Metro:
About 7 minutes walk from Tokyo Metro Ginza Station
5-minute walk from Shimbashi Station, Tokyo Metro JR ·

Next, Chihiro Oide introduce a special cheese shop. It is so call the taste you cannot find in Tokyo. It sure looks delicious
Image taken from their official website

Details of the place
〒150-0047 東京都渋谷区神山町5-8 1F
5-8 1F Kamiyama-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 〒 150-0047
Opening hours: 10:00 to 21:00 (except for Japan Public Holiday and Sunday)
Direction from Metro:
(1) 6 minutes walk from Exit 2 of Yoyogi Park, Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line
(2) 10 minutes walk from Shibuya station
Next, Akibahara’s maid cafe (@home cafe) is recommended as they got co-operate with Japanese talented designed, Keita Maruyama to do the design of the maid uniform.

The maid dress is indeed extremely cute. nice puffy sleeves, white apron on top on their dress and the lace at their sleeves and the kawaii big ribbon behind. I do like it but I doubt I am able to wear them. I don’t think there is a XL maid right?
Image taken from their official website

Details of the place
Address: Click here as there are a few shop

Next, Anri Okamoto recommends the old shop in Japan. They will be recommending the 321 year’s Sasanoyuki ~Negishi~. Their famous dish is the soft tofu. They are loved by Shiki Masaoka and Soseki Natsume. They placed high emphasis on the water, soya beans and gypsum water which are the key ingredient of making tofu. They come with set too, you can order Asagao Gozen (2,600yen). In addition, another dish to try will be Ankake Tofu. (It comes in 2 bowl because it is so delicious that the royal family ordered a second bowl after finishing the first bowl)

The end part is where Joanna wore the set recommend by the stylist from BEAMS as featured earlier in my blog.

Japanese Haul from Emoda and Dazzlin

I have always love Japanese stuff. I was window shopping online where I come to saw that runaway webstore is giving free domestic shipping plus the already discount items on the webstore. I then got quite a few things from Emoda and Dazzlin. If you have been following Cheesie like me, you will know that she recently saw Matsumoto Ena who was the producer of Emoda and yes. This brand become my new favourite because of Cheesie. Okay, I know I can never be like Cheesie so Japanese model look. (She is skinny in person too) Still, I decided to buy not 1 but 5 from Emoda!~

Cheesie, if u are reading this, do get your advertisement fees from Ena~ 😛 (Joking ya~)

In case you are wondering why didn’t I get from the official Emoda Global. I did tried to buy but not only the prices are hike up (with no discounts), there is still limited choices of the products. I used agent services and believed it or not, I did tried to compare the prices and it is still cheaper to get it using agent service.

My Haul from Runaway Channel
 Agent send via DHL, it was like within 3 days after reaching the agent and I got it!~

 I can never ask them to remove the boxes. Well, double protection sounds good too~ The inner box is dented during the shipment to Singapore because the inner box is not fully packed!~

 My Haul items!~ Next will be a family photo of my haul items~

 As promised, the haul item before unwrapping. Seriously, how many layers of wrapping?? 😛

Details of my haul
1. Emoda Body Mist
 – Recently I am so in love with Japanese Body Mist so I bought this. I have yet to open it yet~

2. Emoda Black Polyester Top

– This is slightly tight for me, the lucky thing is I got the black version so it doesn’t look tight since the outer lining will cover it making it looks very pretty. The arm area is also kind of tight for me as they have a tightener rubber at the arm area.

3. Emoda Pleated Cropped Jacket

 – It looks extremely versatile in the picture but I am wondering if I got the wrong colour because the beige seem lady like but it is still very pretty.

4. Jean short jacket
 *there is this one second I thought the one on the right she looked like Cheesie~

 – The material is slightly stiff but it looks great in my view, I can’t wait to wear it.

5. EMODA Bottom Eyelashes (NATURAL EYE)

 – Ena in her own lashes. Oh man, I just bought the lashes because of this photo!! Yet to try as I am still learning how to put bottom lashes. Can someone just teach me??

6. Dazzlin miniature perfume – (all 3 flavour) *Names direct translated from google translate*

 – Fresh Venice (Green)

 – Sweet Malibu (Pink)

 – Rodeo Drive (Blue)

I am not sure anyone wants to see this but I did took a few photo with my new tops and jacket. It will be a heavily camwhore from here on… If you don’t want to see my face, just stop here…


Showcase of the haul~
*The showcase was done while I was lazing during my studies so I look kinda of haggard.*
First, the jean short jacket.

 It cost 5,479yen originally and I got it at 2,739 yen (excluding shipping to Singapore)!

Next, the Pleated Cropped Jacket

 This Pleated Cropped Jacket is actually supposed to be light pink but I find it changing colour in different place. It looks pink here but…

 It looks beige here.

 It cost 4,980yen originally and I got it at 2,489 yen (excluding shipping to Singapore)!

Lastly, I only discovered that I didn’t take my black top when I was blogging so was kinda of lazy to take the photo now so I shall post the blur version taken by my iphone

 I know this post look stupid and do forgive me for acting cute. 😛

 It cost 5,980yen originally and I got it at 2,990 yen (excluding shipping to Singapore)!

JILL STUART Floral Scented Body Mist

I received from HK Jill Stuart Mailing list that they will be having releasing a new limited edition Floral Scented Body Mist. This product is their limited edition product again. OMG for me because I am weak towards limited edition + Jill Stuart. I love to collect them rather than using them. I know I am very bad but till not I really can’t bear to use them… T^T

Details of product

  1. Name: Floral Scented Body Mist
  2. Chinese Name: 花漾香氛身體保濕香霧
  3. Price: HK240, TW1000 and 3150Yen
  4. Size: 200ml
  5. Ingredient: Rose Mary Leaves, White Lily (roots) extracts, Peony extracts, Chamomile extracts & Chiba Rose extracts
  6. Usage: Spray generously on your body, use your palm to pat till absorbency. You can also invert and spay this body mist. You can also spray it before the application of sun screen to lock in your skin moisture. People who is working in air-con can also use this spray. Since it is cooling, u can also spray on your body after staying under the sun for a whole day. As for those who do not like strong summer perfume, this can also act like a body fragrance. Last for not least, you can apply it on your hair as hair spray too.

*Something to mention, I think they changed a new model. I sort of welcome the change as I do not really like the previous model as I find that she look tired in the photos.

Details: Customers who purchase two or more of the items listed below will receive a pack of refreshing body towelettes (not for sale) along with an original pouch to carry them in.

Items List:
1. Floral Scented Body Mist
2. Body Milk
3. Flower Bath Salts
4. Sugar Body Scrub
5. Body Protector
6. Aroma Candle (Gardenia Bliss)
7. Aroma Candle (True Lily)

*While Stock Last*
The cost of this bundle is 5,600yen〜(5,880yen including tax〜)
The above promotion is for customers in Japan.

Details: Purchase of floral scented body mist + any other bath & body item to receive a floral scented body mist 30ml & original pouch.

Items List:
1. Body Milk
2. Flower Bath Salts
3. Sugar Body Scrub
4. Body Protector
5. Aroma Candle (Gardenia Bliss)
6. Aroma Candle (True Lily)

*While Stock Last*
The above promotion is for customers in Hong Kong

Details: Customers who purchase two or more of the items listed below will receive a floral scented body mist 30ml & original pouch.

Items List:
1. Floral Scented Body Mist
2. Body Protector
3. Sugar Body Scrub
4. Body Milk

*While Stock Last*
The above promotion is for customers in Taiwan.

If you asked me what offers seems better, I would say the Japan one is better because they also include towelettes which is also not for sold in the set. People who love Jill Stuart body and bath items shouldn’t miss such a good chance.


*All pictures taken from mailing list or JS website, details of set per country is taken from Siew Wei

Updates on Japan Earthquake

I am feeling sad after reading the news minutes ago, I decided to post a short entry on the earthquake again. I can’t help to think is it because what they have did in WWII? I know a lot of people died due to their torture but I know Japanese are generally polite and nice people. It pains me to see how they are suffering. However they are strong and still standing strong. But I guess this news really make me very worried for them.

Radiation in Tokyo tap water ‘unsafe for infants’

I guess not everyone can take this news. Many should flee from Tokyo by now. I mean no one knows how much your radioactive stuff can your body take and it is tasteless and invisible. It is only right for them to flee for their own sake.

I am praying for them, are u?

My love for Japanese Language

I guess Japan plays an important role to me. Ever since my first time listening to Japanese pop music, my liking towards this nation grew… I sometimes hope that I am a Japanese… I know this might pissed some chinese people that have gone through WWII. Please forgive me if I offend you as I did not go through what u have been through…

I took Japanese lessons at several locations before. I got to say my poly Japanese lessons benefit me the most and it also lays a strong foundation for me. I have not been faitful to Japanese language this few years ever since I graduated. I went to study Korean but it only make me discover how much I still love Japanese language. I am not suprise to see how the Japanese reacted to this disater. To me, I guess no people in the world can be so considerate to others as the Japanese. Japanese are all so helpful to others and it make me really want to help them.

I have open a new spree in sgclub. I will be donating my handling fees for that spree. In addition, I will be also donating the same amount of handling fees earned. This means if the total amount of handling fees earned is S$20, I will also be donating S$20 with my own money…

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