Lush Christmas Party

Few weeks ago went for an event organised by LUSH Wisma Atria. It is that period of the year where I love to go Lush to grab their Christmas limited edition. As a fan of LUSH, I RSVP myself and share the event. I asked Cynthia to go with me and ask Mia to RSVP herself. She then ask Hui Zi and Xiao Qing. My neighbour Kitty also came as she saw my share of facebook. Talk about the power of social media. 🙂

PS: All photos taken by my iPhone because I forgot to charge my G1x’s battery.

The bubble bath corner

More of the bubble bath corner and a few Christmas set~

I love their fun bubble bath. When you buy one fun bath bar. Lush will donate 2.5% of the sales to a funds that support charity in Fukushima.

Actually I have yet to try Lush solid shampoo and conditioner. I am still clearing the shampoo that I hauled from previous sales.

I have owned a few of LUSH’s soap. I am currently using Ice Blue Soap.

The main ingredient of making LUSH Bath Bombs is Baking Soda and Citric Acid. Since it is Christmas season, LUSH is letting us make their Christmas Bath Bombs, Cinders. The staff mentioned that she felt this is one of the under-rated one in the Christmas series. There are additional 2 more ingredients in Cinder and they are Popping Candy and coloured salt. Hence when you put it in the bathtub and the Popping Candy come in contact with water it will “POP”.

The staff telling us about Cinders. Yup. I start to loving this too.

I took a video on how to make the bath bombs. Those who couldn’t make it can take a look at it.

We then got messy doing the bomb. Honestly, it was simple and fun. I like it that this bath bomb was made by me. Although it does not look pretty as those in shop but it is make by me!!

Cynthia with her bath bomb. Look at her proud smile. 🙂

This is mine!! I also very proud of myself.

Hui Zi and Xiao Qing also having fun.

The second part of the workshop is where we are introduced of the “FUN” Bubble Bath. Yup, I owned a blue and a pink one. But this Christmas they came out with the Christmas set, Gold Fun and Snow Fun. Gold Run consist of only Gold and Snow Fun consist of White, Black and Orange. It is mainly for you to make snowman. \(^ω^\)

This is the one that Lush made.

This is the one that Kitty made. Talk about artistic.

Melted snowman is made by Cynthia. Her hands are more warm so golden snowman melts. Mia make a hamburger and I make a snail because it is the easiest and use the least.

The side profile of my snail.

Didn’t manage to take all the photos so Hui Zi did a star using the golden fun bubble.
(Photos taken from her Instragram)

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