Things Learnt from Xiaxue VS Gushcloud

This is really more exciting then mediacorp drama with all the betrayal and exposure. If you ask me, I will not believe only Xiaxue is involved in the preparation of this exposed. More and more bloggers/influencer getting hooked in and I saw name who I know though not very close with it.

Greater influential power comes with greater responsibility. When one is out in the public, people judge you. Bloggers are now just like artistes, or maybe even more influential then artistes. At least if you for Singapore context, I think this is the case and I don’t think any Singapore artistes can match her power. So if you did something not right, don’t ever challenge Xiaxue

I can’t help but wonder if Vincent did not reply to Xiaxue’s Dayre post then. Nothing like this would have ever happen. Xiaxue usually will not be aggressive unless provoked. It takes two hands to clap so stop acting like Gushcloud is classy and innocent. If Xiaxue were evil, Gushcloud is not anything better. It is a pot calling a kettle black.

Bloggers must be careful especially if it is a sponsored post. If something is not good, blogged it out. If not don’t blogged it. I used to be stuck in the dilemma if I should hide the not so good. But I did not in the end because I got a reputation to protect. I guessed Yilin learned her lesson. I am glad she apologised. It is better than a lot of gushcloud influencer who thought they are not wrong especially they gossip so badly about Xiaxue as well as innocent people.

I gossip too. I am no angel too. But I dun do it in a group chat thinking that it is private. I do it with close friend. I know many bloggers look nice but actually they are not. I am a small blogger so sometimes when I go to event and see big shots. I will wonder why they are so different. Some played victims and innocent but when I see them in real person. I feel some of the actions that they do are just so different they portray.

As for Gushcloud, I really think the way they handled this crisis is so bad. First they create a hashtag (#faithingushcloud), then they mention that they are seeking legal advise. Then after 48 hours, they decided not to sue Xiaxue anymore. The influencer were left basically on their own to handle this. I was reading everything till now. Honestly, they make so much mistake that I pity some of their influencer having to face everything. I believe pretty much Gushcloud is gone after the what’s app. The last bit of respect is lost. If I am advertiser, I won’t want to be associated with them.

Lush Christmas Party

Few weeks ago went for an event organised by LUSH Wisma Atria. It is that period of the year where I love to go Lush to grab their Christmas limited edition. As a fan of LUSH, I RSVP myself and share the event. I asked Cynthia to go with me and ask Mia to RSVP herself. She then ask Hui Zi and Xiao Qing. My neighbour Kitty also came as she saw my share of facebook. Talk about the power of social media. :)

PS: All photos taken by my iPhone because I forgot to charge my G1x’s battery.

The bubble bath corner

More of the bubble bath corner and a few Christmas set~

I love their fun bubble bath. When you buy one fun bath bar. Lush will donate 2.5% of the sales to a funds that support charity in Fukushima.

Actually I have yet to try Lush solid shampoo and conditioner. I am still clearing the shampoo that I hauled from previous sales.

I have owned a few of LUSH’s soap. I am currently using Ice Blue Soap.

The main ingredient of making LUSH Bath Bombs is Baking Soda and Citric Acid. Since it is Christmas season, LUSH is letting us make their Christmas Bath Bombs, Cinders. The staff mentioned that she felt this is one of the under-rated one in the Christmas series. There are additional 2 more ingredients in Cinder and they are Popping Candy and coloured salt. Hence when you put it in the bathtub and the Popping Candy come in contact with water it will “POP”.

The staff telling us about Cinders. Yup. I start to loving this too.

I took a video on how to make the bath bombs. Those who couldn’t make it can take a look at it.

We then got messy doing the bomb. Honestly, it was simple and fun. I like it that this bath bomb was made by me. Although it does not look pretty as those in shop but it is make by me!!

Cynthia with her bath bomb. Look at her proud smile. :)

This is mine!! I also very proud of myself.

Hui Zi and Xiao Qing also having fun.

The second part of the workshop is where we are introduced of the “FUN” Bubble Bath. Yup, I owned a blue and a pink one. But this Christmas they came out with the Christmas set, Gold Fun and Snow Fun. Gold Run consist of only Gold and Snow Fun consist of White, Black and Orange. It is mainly for you to make snowman. \(^ω^\)

This is the one that Lush made.

This is the one that Kitty made. Talk about artistic.

Melted snowman is made by Cynthia. Her hands are more warm so golden snowman melts. Mia make a hamburger and I make a snail because it is the easiest and use the least.

The side profile of my snail.

Didn’t manage to take all the photos so Hui Zi did a star using the golden fun bubble.
(Photos taken from her Instragram)

Snow VS Cloud (Xiaxue VS Gushcloud) *updated 25th Dec 2014*

Before I start today’s blog post, the advertising platform in my blog is Nuffnang but that does not have any effect on my view on this. I will pretty much explain it in the blog post so you will understand it in the point of the prospect from a general public like me.

Summary to the whole incident

  1. Xiaxue post on her dayre in March 2014 suggesting that Glushcloud is unethical
  2. Glushcloud’s Founder, Vincent decided to write a blog to reply Xiaxue stating that  what Xiaxue suggested is not true. (His blog entry have been removed before I could read it.)
  3. Xiaxue found proof and accused Gushcloud of the following
    • Glushcloud is not making as much money as it seems to be.
    • Bloggers are paid and yet they will say they buy and use the product or service with their own money
    • Bloggers do not have that much view yet proclaim that they have that much view
    • Buying fake youtube views and subscribers.
    • Suggesting Glushcloud is oweing some of its blogger (influencer) money.

If you want to read the lengthy full version, click here to go to xiaxue post.

Vincent should have know something like this will happen when he decided to post a reply for Xiaxue’s dayre entry. He forgot how Xiaxue become famous? Xiaxue is famous not only of her witty post of things but also her CSI ability. Didn’t she make it big posting the details of her hater? She is a blogger that dared to say anything that she thinks is not right.

If from the start Vincent kept quiet then maybe this would not happen so soon. Challenging Xiaxue is a very wrong move.

I guessed Gushcloud should thank Xiaxue if they are trending in the social media. I have a few bloggers friends who are with Gushcloud and I will say now I believe their character will upright so I wouldn’t comment anything about them. Other than them, I actually never know of any famous Glushcloud bloggers. It was only after Xiaxue’s incident with Eunice Annabel so Gushcloud should thank Xiaxue for the free publicity.

Glushcloud is indeed making full use xiaxue and even create #faithinglushcloud. If you have time to create a hashtag, find some time to reply Xiaxue’s blog on you. I feel bad to some of my friends who are with Gushcloud and hope that they are alright.

So far those standing by supporting Glushcloud are their star bloggers like Xavier and Annabell.

If you ask me, I do believe the evidence that Xiaxue is giving. It might not be 100% true, but I am guessing a 90% true.

However, I feel that they way Xiaxue is exposing Glushclud is quite unscrupulous in some ways. Everyone knows that Kay Kay and Xiaxue used to be very good friends and she even got a videos that she kissed Kay Kay.

Even though no one knows what exactly went wrong but when Kay Kay left clicknetwork plus some quarrels on the social media, many have guessed so that Kay Kay and Xiaxue are no more friends. Kay Kay went Gushcloud after some time. Not so sure what the exact timing because I dun really follow her so closely.

Another ex Nuffnang blogger targeted is Eric Lim. Many who followed Yutaki and Miyaki should know that Eric Lim used to be their good friends. Eric lim joined Glushcloud too so I guessed that they are no longer friends as I don’t see their group photo anymore.

Honestly, there are so many bloggers that Glushcloud has in their list but I am not sure why did Xiaxue need to choose these 2? Even if they are no longer friends, I feel that there is no need to take it until so personal. Having said that I do not know what went wrong, maybe they break off the friendship in an awful way so this explains why it was targeted at her. Same goes for Eric Lim, I feel there is no need to ruin him so openly especially his views is so low.

Aside from these, I pretty much is on Xiaxue’s side. Her intention is good or not, it doesn’t matter. Good intention at wrong timing or things can be bad also. Because at the end of the day, Glushcloud did masked advertisement is already wrong and was caught red handed. Yes, I feel disgusted by this point only. It is not hard to just indicate that the product or service is sponsored. The rest I know many bloggers do that so it is not something rare.

I know many bloggers will lie about their views, it is a norm in the blogging field. This week Instagram cleared some of fake accounts so you can see how much one will do to get views and subscriber. However, this will not last long. From time to time all social media will clear fake accounts. I see many people doing masked review and review that was moderate by the sponsor. One of my old blog post was once moderate because I said something that I don’t like so much. In the end, I deleted it because I don’t want to go against my will to blog something that is perfect especially that product was not that good. But I see many other bloggers who was blogger the same thing sing praises of the product. I don’t lie about review because it is my own reputation online and I don’t want to ruin it. The blogging industry is a small and bitchy one. Once you do something wrong, it will follow you forever.

If you are just a small blogger at Gushcloud, leave them. Being associated with them now with no explanation of the mask advertisement will affect you and make you a dishonest one too. But if you are their star blogger then, you can only stand strong with them and hope they apologised for their action. Since they make you who you are and I don’t think it is right to leave them when they are in trouble too. As for Gushcloud, I think apologising is the best thing you can do now. Finding excuses to address will make you more guilty.

Sorry, I was busy yesterday so I didn’t manage to post the update reply from Gushcloud.

1. Glushcloud is not making as much money as it seems to be.

Reply: They have no intention to “inflate” their earning. It was just a honest mistake.

My thoughts: Like I said earlier, the more they attempt to explain this part, the more it sound like an excuse. Don’t bothering saying things like you are in the US, don’t tell me there are no other staff in your company to tell you of this mistake? If you can have the time to cut off that part in your website. It just means you knew and attempt to hide. So nope, I don’t buy this “explaination”

2. Bloggers are paid and yet they will say they buy and use the product or service with their own money


(i) They didn’t force their influencer to mask advertisement. (xiaxue has proof in her facebook page, you can click here (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4) to find them.). In fact, some of their influencer also label that the products were sponsored.

(ii) They also address that with regards to client wanting to mask advertisement. When they receive such request, they will ask if the influencer is comfortable before doing. Since it is not against the law for doing mask advertisement.

My thoughts: Whether or not the influencer is willing or not, it does not really matter in my view. The fact the company allow it is wrong. Don’t bother to sweeten the words and make it sound alright. It will make everyone thinks that all bloggers are like that. Yes, bloggers/influencer can make mistake and forgot to add advertorial. But if they have the intention to lie it like they really bought/use it when it is an advertorial. Then this is not alright be it if they are willing or not. Honestly, small influencer will not dare to go against their blog managers if they are being requested to do mask ads so the company should not allow it at all. The fact that Xiaxue tried to request mask ads and that influencer Yilin agreed and do it wrong. 

3. Bloggers do not have that much view yet proclaim that they have that much view

Reply: Influencer statistic is manually key-in so it is not that up to date. They did try to keep it updated yearly. They also mentioned that tracking link might not be accurate.

My thoughts: This is one of the reasons why I am still with Nuffnang. I really love their blog stats checker because it is simple and yet I can see my traffic. I dislike only page view because it does not mean anything to me. I prefer to see unique view because that is the actual traffic. This part Gushcloud really need to learn from Nuffnang. With this blog tracker, there is no need for them to manually ask for the screenshot from bloggers/influencers. I feel updating once a year is too long to reflect on the actual traffic. It should be updated once a month.

One thing I discover is it seems like Kay kay views is seems to be inflated. 10 000+ views in 2013 is indeed a lot. 

In addition, Kay Kay was 31 in 2013 but she is 31 in 2014? SERIOUSLY? I don’t know human grow younger every year. :P

4. Buying fake youtube views and subscribers.

Reply: Explain that all their views are real and provided statistic to proof.

My thoughts: Xiaxue was being personal to Kay Kay in this area. If I were her, I wouldn’t post this part out. Since there is no concrete proof on these, most part is based on speculation and assumption. This part is also where I discovered she is starting to get bias against Kay Kay. True enough Kay Kay showed her stats out and  there is not much Xiaxue can do but to admit that Kay Kay views is higher than hers.

Honestly, I buy Kay Kay part for this. If you ask a normal guy, would they watch a sexy girl or watch a baby, I guessed most man will answer watch sexy girl. Sexy girl videos always get lots of hits in youtube and will get recommended by them. This is what I noticed from viewing videos. She should have know because Kay Kay and her did have a make out video, the hits is like a lot so yup that explains the point.

5. Suggesting Glushcloud is oweing some of its blogger (influencer) money.

Reply: Explains that their cash flow might be lower because they are a new company and they have the ability to pay all their influencer.

My thoughts: My ad revenue come from Nuffnang, so far I cashed out my earnings once only since I am not that active of a blogger. How long did I get my cheque after I cash out the mere S$50? It was more than a month to near 2 months if I did not remember wrongly. But since I dun work with Nuffnang for paid blogging jobs so I cannot comment on the rest.  I know of a friend who went to Gushcloud because Nuffnang took more than 3 months to pay her. She cannot accept payment so late, this is why if Gushcloud influencer can accept then no point lashing them for this.

 There are many ways to argue about this point and there are no right or wrong in how they want to manage their finances. I don’t think anyone should just poke their nose into another’s company’s finances. Especially when xiaxue is a shareholder of Nuffnang and that position make it awkward for her too.

 Thank you for reading my wordy view on the exposed of the clouds and Merry Christmas.

I am back…

I maybe missing for a long time in this blog, that does not mean I am ignorant about what is going on around. I am sorry for those event I went. I will be back posting some of them this few weeks. I don’t want to be those “bloggers” that go event for freebies. As much as I didn’t mentioned, I start to blog lesser and lesser after one incident. I was young ignorance back then and couldn’t handle the stress and the bitching from other bloggers. I guessed recently I rethink about this blog, I am pretty much lost in this blogosphere. I am always inferior with my figure, not so much of my looks. I am not as attractive as other blogger so I don’t think anyone would read my blog. This thoughts just continue and I start to escape from this blog. I got lesser and lesser motivation to blog.

Few days ago, I happen to see one of the newsfeed about Marshmallow girls getting popular in Japan. All along I have always love Japanese fashion culture but I could never attain them. I was never as slim as them even before puberty. Since Secondary 2 when I happen to read popteens then, it really opened up my view towards fashion. However, Japanese fashion is just too small and expensive for me. Recently, more and more Japanese brand opened up store in Singapore. For example, Rose Bullet, Dip Drops, Jrunway, Lowrys Farm, Global Works. I can occasionally fit in some Jrunway clothing, Lowrys Farm and Global Works clothing. I feel happy able to fit in them but still those pretty ones are never make for me. La Big 3 inspire me to be positive even with my size, I can also do something. If they can do it, so can I! (I just ordered La Farfa magazine online.)

Today, I post to ask what should I blog for the first one. I really thought no one will reply me but. Fion replied me!! I really thought no one will reply me so I am very touched that she replied me. But I really can’t do a blog entry for that one. My house is now really in a mess after housewarming so house tour might take a while. I promise will do a stage by stage home transformation here.

In the meantime watch my first house tour first.

As much as I thought myself to be useless, I went to search my stats and found there is still hundred coming to my website. I thank them for coming to my website. Most of the keyword that they searched are still beauty related words. I will continue to blog about beauty and skincare. However, I will be adding food and maybe fashion.

Thank you for reading~

Might be the last time buying from Lazada

I haven’t been blogging for more than 3 months and I never expected this will be the first blog post that I will post because I am really very upset. Maybe you do not know but I am an expert online shopper. Before Taobao and qoo10 (Used to call gmarket) are famous in Singapore, I have already buy from these websites. Of course, I buy from many other websites beside these. I am usually a nice person when it comes to waiting for online items to be here. If the item is shipped from Singapore, I do expect it to reach in 3 – 4 days’ time and the maximum tolerance I give is 5 days.

This is the first time I made a purchase from Lazada. I was recommended from my friend to buy from here. I happen to see the promotion of Wi-Fi SD Memory Card, since I lost my previous one so I went to make my first purchase with Lazada.

I ordered Macbook Pro on the 16th and guess what? It arrived on the 18th! I order this SD card on the 12th and it only reached on the 22nd. Seriously I don’t expect Lazada to be as good as Apple’s delivery but the time taken from order to my place is just too long.

In addition, I almost freaked out when I received a message on indicating that “my product(s) from order 3000028519 has been shipped. You cannot blame me for freaking out. If you have waited for your item for 5 days and you receive a message that your order has been shipped. From my understanding, this means that it was shipped to me and I did not receive my items. It was only when I went home to check the status that I saw “Your product(s) has been shipped with Lazada Express (LEX)” that I understand that it was with LEX.

If you think that’s the end, then you are wrong. They finally delivered on 22nd at 1945. I left my house at 1900 for dinner. Usually the courier will call me if they came and I am not around (you can’t blame me for leaving house as I have waited for them one whole day at home). I returned home at about 11pm and was horrified that my package was just left outside in between the door and the gate and LEX didn’t bother to call me when no one answer to the door.

Not only did they not ensure the item is delivered to me safely, my package was opened. I did not know why did this happen, I immediately went to test my SD card and lucky everything was alright. However, the experience with Lazada really stop me from buying from them in the future. I have also emailed my complaint to them yesterday evening and till now I did not receive any apology from them for suck lousy customer service.

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