[Food Friday] Pokemon Cup Noodle

My New Year resolution is that I will try to make my blog more active. I will be trying to do a Food Friday for a trial. Anything to do with food, I will blog here. Since Chinese New Year is around the corner, I will be scheduling a few Food Friday post so do stay tune.

For the first Food Friday post, I have done a video of my review for Pokemon Cup Noodle.

I bought this from Isetan Supermarket at West Gate, I do not see this in supermarket elsewhere yet. So if you would like to try this cup noodle, I believed you can only buy them from Isetan Supermarket.

I really love Japanese cup noodle because it always taste so well. Initially I did not have high expectation because the packaging is pretty and pretty things in Singapore does not taste good. However, this cup noodle taste good. It is soya sauce flavoured, the flavour is in the cup noodle itself and one do not need to do anything accept adding water to the noodle. I love the taste and the looks of it. I am a fan of pokemon though I stop watching after several series ago. The pikachu rice cake that is in the cup noodle is so kawaii.

However, I will not purchase it again unless there is a sale. This is because not only it is not easily accessible to purchase but it is small. Since it is pokemon theme cup noodle, I can only think that it is for kids. The portion is too small for me. I might need to eat 2 cups to be full and if I ever eat 2 cups, I could spend that amount to buy a full size Japanese cup noodle and still have spare money. Therefore as much as I love it, the price is too expensive for frequent purchase.

Thank You Ninja Girls!!

PS: This post was in my draft for ages (Since October 2013) and I don’t know why I did not publish!!

I won their giveaways!! Jealous or not?? It is only opened for the first 15 people!! Wahaha. In order to thank the Ninja Girls, I decided to do the youtube way. That’s also why I took such a long time to opened the parcel!! I did a unboxing/thank you video.

The sweets are 100% handmade in Myame-kobo in Japan. If you liked the candy, you can also click here for more information. (I was not paid ads fees but the sweets are delicious not so much like the typical candy u expected it to be.

Photos of the goodie bag~

The candy really is great!! I love them not only it taste good but it looks so kawaii ne~

If you wonder, who are them?

They are a group (currently 4 of them) of Japanese ladies staying in Singapore. I started loving them when Kelly Konomi shared their video of them showcasing Watson’s Shibuya gal event. Then I started to like their “one minute of Singapore” video where they showcase 1 place in Singapore in a minute. As much as we Singaporean complain so much about Singapore but they liked Singapore and they make it into a video. Yup, only Japanese is so appreciative towards the small things in life. (I might sound bias but I really think Japanese are more appreciative towards living.)

Not to forget they won the Best V-log winner for Singapore Blog Awards 2013!!

Honestly, they are my inspiration to doing more videos. I might not be as funny as them (I really love them a lot!!) but I will try my best ya~

13 things that I achieved in 2013

I am supposed to blog this last year but unfortunately it didn’t happen. I hope I don’t bring this laziness to 2014.

If you read my blog, I have been doing I have blogged about “12 things I have achieved this 2012” so I shall review the 13 things that I did last 2013. 2013 was not as fun and interesting as 2012 but still I am having a great last year.

1. Graduated from Murdoch

Proud to graduated and can now say I am also an university graduates. It was a tough time for me last year which also explain why I didn’t really did much things. :) Though my uni friend did not read my blog, but I am really thankful to them. Without them, I guess I won’t graduate so smoothly. Thank you to Catherine, Gary, Ganesh and Ivy!! Not to forget some awesome lecturer, though there are some lecturer that are really shitty. On the whole I am happy with my degree. Because I took lesser modules in the beginning, I graduated later than Catherine, Gary and Ganesh, that explains why I attended my graduation alone.

2. Maid of honour

I swear this is the hardest thing to do in my life. Even for my wedding, I did not prepare that much things to do. I almost did everything for my cousin’s wedding. From the clothing of what the brothers wore to the finalization of the speech to the wedding itinerary. I was also the final one to confirm everything was going on fine. I hope this is also the last time I will be maid of honour for wedding, especially for a virgo wedding. :P

3. Cook for Kk once

I am not someone who cooked well. Maybe to put it exactly, I didn’t cook after my home economic class from secondary school. I did Ipoh Hor Fun which was not exactly a successful thing but at least it was edible. That was the first time I cook for 2013 too.

4. Jobless

My contact for my job ended and I didn’t find new job. Not that I am not happy with my job or pay but I wanted to do something that I have always dreamed of. Jobless life is not fantastic because most people will expect that you are free whenever they ask you out or ask you for a favour.

5. Opened a new blogshop

I actually have an online spree blogshop, Lovely Star Shop but it was not generating much profit. It was more of a helping my friend and some old customer buy things from overseas. However, I join venture with my best friend and open Vii Star. It was my baby and I take a lot of effort to do up this shop from researching to buying to phototaking to setting up the shop. I would say it is growing slowly but 2014 will be a year that it will grow faster! This is the reason why I stopped working after the end of my work contract.

6. Opened a Kiosk

This was indeed my last minute decision, I made this decision while I was in KL visiting my best friend aka my business partner. After some talking, we decided to give it a try. I replied the email but the kiosk was booked by others. I was quite sad for weeks until one day they told me there was still one more kiosk open for rental for a month and I booked immediately.

7. Making friends with future neighbour

I made a few friends while in the Punggol Page. They are all very nice people and I really liked them. I hope that there will be Kampong spirit in our estate!! Though it was hard maintaining a group page but I really appreciate all my neighbours for all the support especially when some bugger decided to challenge me.

8. Made some videos (even vlogs)

Never knew I like making videos. I did a few vlogs or videos and I will continue to do so in 2014.

9. Carry a new born baby

This is my all time horror because new born are so soft so when u carry them, they are so soft and I am afraid to hurt them but my auntie insist I learn to carry and she promise me that it won’t be soft. Indeed after wrapping the baby like ba zhang, it is still manageable and not as frightening as I thought that it would be. :)

10. Back to beauty blogging

After talking to Cynthia, I decided to go back to beauty blogging though I haven’t been blogging much but I will try my best to blog more on beauty this 2014. In the meantime, I thank the opportunity given to me for inviting my to the Black Paint Press Release.

11. Met up with Fion again

Chinese New Year Phototaking~

Pre Christmas Phototaking~

Still remember Fion? The lovely girl from Malaysia when both of us met each other for the first time because of our love for our idol, Cheesie? Met her once during 2013 Chinese New Year at Penang and again just last December at Kuala Lumpur. I really like mixing with her. Okay, at least make me feel younger and we really like got endless to talk when we see each other. :)

12. Still with Apple phone

I never expected that I will be using iPhone and how I cannot live without it. I Q for my Gold iPhone 5s because I sold mine months before it was released. Honestly, I regretted then. I was using Docomo F-03d for 3 months and I really hated it. I always wanted a Japanese phone but when I got it, it was way too slow as it was a 2012 winter phone and it was very slow and small in memory. When it was released in Singapore, I Q for it at Starhub Plaza Singapura at 8am and got the phone about 1pm. 4 hours of waiting but I was lucky since I got a 64GB gold phone which is what I wanted.

13. Took a photo sticker

Okay, please forgive me for cheating this one. I couldn’t thinking of the 13th things I did this year so just happen I had taken a photo sticker with Fion so I just put it as my last point. Honestly, I can’t really remember when was the last time I took a photo sticker. I can only vaguely remembered that I took last one with my poly friends which I presume it was a 2nd year which means it is like 10 years since I last took a photo sticker! But you cannot blame me for this because it is expensive to take in Singapore and also you practically can’t find much of these photo taking machine in Singapore too.

I was searching with Bing when she was back to Singapore but I couldn’t find any.

Black Paint in launching in Singapore

This talk is host by Black Paint Founder, Maeda Miyuki San together with a translator.

You will not believe she is more than 50 years old!! Her skin condition is so much better than mine.

Do you know?

Black Paint was created when Miyuki Maeda’s daughter was diagnosed with a serious, “incurable” kidney disease, this changed the outlook on her life. She discovered that the power for healing was in her hands.

She studied modern physiology and bacteriology as well as traditional natural healing systems around the world. When she learned about beneficial bacteria, she saw the light. Bacteria that live symbiotically in our bodies are essential to our physical function, from digesting nutrients to protecting against disease.

The dark time of Miyuki’s life has now ended, thanks to her determination and her perseverance for the fight
for her family’s well-being. She succeed in creating her “personal health study,” she also knew she had to share the benefits of her knowledge with the world. BLACKPAINT is the result.

One thing that admire me a lot is Black Paint ideology towards bacterial. We have always spend a lot of our time and effort killing them but Maeda San believed that we should nourish the bacterial instead of killing them. The photo from above proves her point. The first photo on the left shows a burnt wound. The wound on the left is disinfected method and the right one is just nourishing the skin method. The experiment then ended with the bottom photo on the right proving that our skin does has its natural healing power. The right one is just nourishing the skin method recovered but the disinfected method is still swollen.

The first part of the workshop was really like a health bio lesson for me though I was using my poor Japanese to understand what Maeda san is trying to mean. She also believes in eating healthy, only with healthy body, we can fight harmful baterial.

The next part of the workshop consist of the testing out of the skincare.

—————–Testing it out—————–

Sorry for the blur photo. I thought it was clear. Anyway, this is a cleansing oil. Though it is called the vegetable oil but it is not for cooking. Currently, it won’t be sold in Singapore yet.

The model demonstrating the usage of the vegetable oil.

This is how fluidity the vegetable oil is.

You can also use it on your eyes too. The product itself is very gentle to the skin.

The second product to be used is their Star Product, Black Paint. (Cleansing Soap)

Before you start using it, soak it in the cup for 1 min to wet the soap throughly.

As Black Paint Product are all very mild to the skin, it can be applied directly onto the skin.

After applying a generous amount, spread it evenly and massage it throughly

After massage, rinse off with water.

Next, massage face (you can use it on your body if you want) with this sponge in a circular motion. Then rinse the sponge thoroughly. Press it between your palms to remove as much water as possible. Then leave it in a cool place to dry.

Next is the Best Water. (Something like lotion/toner)

This is the ingredient list in the Best Water. Look at how natural it is? It contains no alcohol, fragrances and artificial colorants.

Just spray on your palm or a their circular cotton pad and apply on your face.

The cotton pad that they gave was cotton on the outside and plastic one the inside so no more excessive waste of the best water.

Testing I took applying on my hands.

After the Best Water, it will be the oil water. (Something like a moisturiser)

Do note that this oil water contains a oil and liquid in a bottle. So you need to shake well it before use.

I expected it to be a more thick consistent but it was a liquid and it is not oily at all.

Model teaching us how to use it. Shake until it turn whitish then you apply 3-5 pumps and pat lightly on your skin.

My hands does look more moisturised and soft.

The next item, rich wax, is only given to the bloggers attending. It is a multi purpose cream that you can apply on your hands, body, face and lips.

Tested on my hands. My first impression is I find it a bit too moisurizing for Singapore. But I will be doing a full review soon.

Lastly is the water cream.

I really dig too much out from the bottom, can you imagine this amount can apply on my whole face, whole neck and my left hands. This cream really is a little really goes a long way for this product.

Took a shot after spreading it evenly on my skin.

—————–End of the talk—————–

The snacks was great too. Haha… I was feeling hungry by the end of the workshop.

Mini group shot with Mia and Carol. Haven’t seen Carol after seeing her on Naruko Sales previously.

Photo stolen from Patricia. Since it was the only photo I have with her.

Ending the post with a group shot!!

Thank you for reading~ XOXO

Asking for sponsorship?

Let’s talk about this topic today in this post. It has been ages that I have a sponsored blog post. I used to like to try products, I still do but I preferred to buy them myself. Before my other beauty blogger friend start bombing me, I will be giving a disclaimer. I am not saying all the people who get sponsors lied about their products, most of my bloggers friend out there who are honest and hold a good integrity in their blogging. I wouldn’t say I am an expert in blogging, my english sucks (I had bad my grammer and limited vocab list.) but that doesn’t stop me from blogging as I really put in effort in all my post and I am proud of it. I do snake some post at times but I never snake a review post.

The main reason why I was so pissed that I even have a post regarding this is because of a newbie blogger asking for freebies. I am usually a peaceful person but I detest newbie blogger asking freebies. They are the one spoiling bloggers image and make us like some greedy person. Of course, this is not the first time I see such thing. I had ever see before GW openly asking hair sponsors. (Dun ask me who GW is, those who are in the beauty blogging industry should know who I meant) But today, I got pissed because this person, Aqeysha Muhammed started faming Malaysia’s Etude House.

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="648"] How can someone be so shameless?!?[/caption] [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="487"] Decided to fame Etude House for not reply!?![/caption]

These are the screenshot that was captured by my phone with regards to what this person did. The first photo is her later request to ask for sponsorship. Out of curiosity, I clicked and I saw her blog only have 7 post. 6 of which was just written on September. *give her a round of applause* The next picture was that she complained Malaysia’s Etude House did not reply her?!? Honestly, 2nd photo was a older comment of hers and there are also a few other comment that Malaysia’s Etude House don’t reply to her but see her changed in attitude?

This is a classic example of cheapo to the max.

If she is so pissed with Malaysia’s Etude House, then why bother to ask for sponsorship? For most bloggers, if we disliked certain brand, we will just not blogged about it. It doesn’t matter to us at all because there are just so many similar brands around this market. Why stooped so low? It is such a disgraced to have people like this having the title of a beauty blogger. Many of us work hard and published post. I am not saying it is wrong to ask for sponsorship but not when you only have 7 post in your blog. If you are a newbie beauty blogger reading, please take a minute to think why did you blog? If you blogged because there are freebies then you shouldn’t have start blogging in the first place. Even xiaxue took sometime to make it to be Singapore most influential bloggers before people start sponsoring her. Let me say something blunt, if you are not famous or have your own style of blogging then who are you to ask for a sponsor? Do you seriously think brands would even reply u? Just take a minute to think about what I have said.

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