6 Goals for 2016

Initially, I didn’t want to post this out since after I finish drafting something major happened that was out of my expectation and does affect some of my goals this year but nevertheless I will still blog it out since I spend some time to write

1. Passed my JLPT N4

I have always love Japan and its culture. (Not so much its working life.) I came into decision that I will retake my Japanese Language at Ikoma after researching online and find that they are nearer to what I wanted. I am weaker in my grammer and many reviews online said they are more grammer orientated. My decision to go back to study amaze many people since now most people are more Korea orientated.

I took JLPT N5 last December so I would like to clear the next level (which is N4) this year. I am so anxious to brush up my Japanese language is because I wanted to stay in Japan for 2 weeks to 1 month in 2017 so I need to brush up my Japanese language to be able to live there.

2. Get a driving license
Getting a license in Singapore is really not necessity in Singapore. I don’t think I can afford a car and Singapore’s transportation is quite convenient. But since my brother manage to get it, I figured out why shouldn’t I get one as a form of challenge to myself this year.

3. Live a healthier live
I have failed many years wanting to slim back to 49kg but it seems like an impossible task for me. I think if I can be healthier to do exercise more often and drink more water. This is also good attempt for me. I want to slim a bit also because it is getting hard for me to get clothes outside. Maybe time for me to ask Kk find a job at the western countries if not I will not have any clothes to wear. In addition, I am often sick last year which I suspect had something to do with me not being healthy.

4. Find a job
I am quite clear what I want to do this time round but without money, talk is just cheap. I decide to find a job and earn some money to chiong again when the time comes and not live by my almost non existence saving and Kk’s money. We have big plans to save and go overseas next year.

5. Cook at least twice a week

This should be easy and I am just continuing what I am doing now. Recently become lazier because the coffee shop around my place opened so we usually take away when I am lazy to cook. But since I am going back to work, I try to challenge myself to do this twice a week.

6. Blog more often

I blogged 3 times last year!! It is such a waste of money. Just as I am about to be able to earn enough to cover my hosting I slack off. I need to blog much more to make this less wasteful. Cynthia still ask me go event but sometimes I a bit pai seh to go because my blog is laterally death. I feel a bit bad sometimes that I feel like I am those lau auntie go event and con free gifts. I still love beauty stuff and I don’t buy less despite not blogging so I shouldn’t waste it.

Move on…

3 months is not a short time but it is not easy for me to pull the hand brake. I read from somewhere that really is interesting and describe on my situation now.


(Love coffee doesn’t mean one should open a cafe.)


(Like to shop for clothes doesn’t mean one must sell them)


(Interest and ability is really 2 different thing.)

I love buying things and I know how to get stuff at a cheaper price. I love fashion too. But I don’t have the ability to sell them. That’s my problem. This person further elaborate that if one don’t have the ability then one is just wasting hard earned money. This is pretty much what I am doing for this 3 months. She recommend to work related field and learn the ability.

That’s why I move on. It is not easy but I have to close my shop because business is not all about guts only. The business can’t self substain. I am going to liquidate all the clothing. For a start will put up the clothing on racks and sell and a cheap price like $5 or $10. In the meantime take photos of the clothing and sell online. Lastly still cannot clear, donate it off. I will be finding a related field job next year. As I got 2 major long holiday I need to get and I don’t to be unfair to the job.

Thank you for everything

I guess death is closer than what I thought it would be.

This photo was taken on my 21st birthday. I am not someone who will post strange photo of myself. I couldn’t bring myself to delete this photo then and it was too funny. This was some of my first few album of photo where I first uploaded to Facebook.

The reason why I decided to blog about him was because he passed away yesterday. I was quite upset then. I thought Kk was lying but he was not. How I wish everything was just a joke or a mistake but my heart sank when I was confirmed.

He was a special friend to me. I dun have any uncle friends before him. To me, he was really an uncle. But unlike normal uncle who preached and complained a lot. He was different and funny, maybe a bit crazy. He is really a youngster by heart living in an uncle body. He taught me a lot during my attachment, some tips and tricks on how he work that I don’t know then. As I was naive then, he like to talk dirty with me but most of the time I just don’t get his dirty joke. Yet he finds it funny. This also make me less worried for my attachment.

I went back for holiday job and worked another month with him. It was one the most enjoyable times of my life where I really know more about how things work on site. I worked Tuas then, he arranged a supervisor to bring me to work daily. He ensure I was well fed. It was years later that I know the free lunch I had wasn’t free. He treated me lunch for the whole month because he knew I was poor.

I can go on and on talking about him. One thing I only did for him is call him personally and wish him a Happy Birthday on his every birthday. He told me that he like people calling instead of messaging. He said he appreciates the thoughts that was put into wishing him Happy Birthday.

Many things happen which makes me less close to him. I don’t want to go in detailed what happened. Unhappy things should just be left in the past. You will always be remembered especially on your birthday on 30 September! Rest in peace.

No try no chance…

Just paid for my domain subscription for airmeli.com. I have paid for this domain since 2009, I am thinking to retain as long as possible because airmeli is a part of me. Even thought it is not as updated as often as last time. I have always said I want to blog back but I am always lack of motivation and I don’t give priority to blogging as compare to last time. Nowadays I buy lesser though I still buy products from time to time. I am just lazy to blog them out but will still share them with my friends if I used a great product.

I was reluctant to share my feelings here because I have made this blog into a review blog. But since airmeli is me online, I figured out why not share some of my thoughts here.

2 weeks ago, I made a massive decision that I feel I should put in more effort in doing it. This time round is serious business. As most of my friends know I have been doing Taobao preorder since n years ago. (I start doing since 2007 which not many people know then.) I also planned to have an online shop but honestly the competition is so intense out there. I took my time and slowly do up but 2 weeks ago, my partner and I decided to go ahead to do business. I am now accountable to my partner so I feel quite stressed. I have the responsibility to ensure it doesn’t fail too much.

So if you are free and stay near the west, do drop by here.

Blk 354 Clementi Ave 2 #01-227 Singapore 120354
Opening Time: 0930 – 1800
Off Day: Wednesday

Do feel free to visit and like these pages below for the latest update:
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URL: http://lovelystarshop.com/spree/
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Vii Star
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14 things that happened in 2014

Before I start, I have to say that I didn’t really blog the things I planned to do this year. Initally, I thought most likely I didn’t have much fulfilment because I really didn’t do as much as I did last year.

1. I finally have my home with KK

I know I didn’t blogged about this. After living here for few months, the urge of blogging my home gets lower. Especially the messiness of my house is beyond imagination. I will summary it here. When I want to blogged about it later. I will backlink the post here.

I went to collect my house key after we came back from Malaysia for out yearly Chinese New Year break. I remember very clearly we collected one day before Valentine Day. I shall test Kk if he remembered we take our key on the 13th Feb 2014. (Most likely no.)

2. Completed my renovation

It was indeed a chore to decide all the colours themes, cupboard laminates, designs, electrical works and so on. I moved in on 1st May 2014. It was a feng shui consideration because my sister in law was pregnant and being a bit of superstitious (It was said if u move it might cause miscarriage) and also better safe then sorry. We moved on the next day when she give birth to the baby. It happen that the baby decided to come out on the 30th April.

I will not be showing the final product of my house because I can’t really take photos of my house now because all my customers goods are still with me. :( Therefore, I will show you the impression plan that my ID did.

3. My first MacBook Pro

I have been wanting a MacBook since years ago. Actually previously I did not want to get a Asus but since I was quite poor then, I got my Asus instead of a MacBook Pro. You will not believe how touched I am when I was unboxing my laptop. It was like a wish come true. It was actually bought when Kk got his bonus and asked me what I wanted. End up become my birthday present even though I got it way on the 18th September 2014 which was before my birthday.

I really need to thank my friend from getting this MacBook Pro for me as she was working in Apple. (How lucky to have a friend working inside Apple.)

4. My first mirrorless camera

It happens to be also my early Christmas present. I am sick of my Canon G1x for its slow auto focus and unable to take Marco. Being a someone who blogs, I need to take Marco shots from time to time and I always need to use my iPhone to take them.

My initially plan was to get Sony’s RX100 III because it was small and have good auto focus. However, it was rather pricey for a point and shoot. I saw some bad review with its auto focus so end up getting Olympus EPL-7. I saw evonnz blog and her dayre of the photos taken by it and love it. Then went to read the review on it and great. Lastly, consult my brother who was great in photography and he finally give me the green light. Told me that it was quite a decent basic camera. (He always said I buy crap camera.)

5. I cook!!

Many people used to say behind me that if Kk marry me, I will starve Kk to death. (Hello, Kk dun have hands and legs ah? Cannot buy himself ma? LOL~) Mainly because they think I don’t cook. Well. I won’t curse anyone because the truth is I cook. I don’t think many of you know but I got an ‘A’ for my home economic for my secondary school time. Although I don’t think I am a great cook but seriously I know the basic of cooking.

The reason I did not cook after my secondary school was mainly I got phobia with gas stove. The phobia started after I got a shock during my home economic practical cooking test when the teacher forgot to on the main gas switch and she suddenly turn on. Suddenly, the gas gushed out while I was lighting the stove with the lighter gun and I was almost got burned on the face because I was investigating how come I could not light the stove.

Since I got my new home, I got a non gas stove and a gas stove. (Kk still want a gas stove for boiling of water.) I started to cook and I cook quite frequently. I love cooking different types of dishes and I am quite expert in cooking soup.

Did I say one of the people who gossip about marrying me will starve Kk’s to death is now enduring the untrue things that it said about me. :)

Look at all the food I cook and these are not all.

6. My taobao preorder business still around

I am guilty when I said this. I personally don’t see this as a business as I am buying for friends and usually I give back the discount to my friends. But still it is still surviving but most likely I will keep it small because I don’t have the capacity to make it big and sustain it.

7. Making more Youtube videos
I didn’t do as many vlogs that I hope to do but I did 10 videos in 2013 but I did 25 videos (as per 29 December when I was drafting this post.) It was 2.5 times more than last year and one of the video got more than 1K views. This is all thanks to STOMP.

This is the latest video from my channel.

I will be posting more reviews and maybe vlogs on this channel as Mac really make editing much easier, click here if you want to subscribe.

8. Proud owner of Instax share printer

Noticed it? 2014 is a year I got most of my wants gadgets!! First, got a MacBook Pro, then a Olympus EPL-7 and lastly I got a Instax Printer. When it was launched initially, it was priced at S$270+ but guessed how much I got? S$158!! I got it during the Lazada 12/12 sales.

I really love it a lot and even borrow it to my friend for her wedding~

9. Got another Niece in law and a second cousin

Jing Wen with my new niece Jing Ying

The 4th generation kids coming, introudce Kieran. My cousin’s son. That’s the only few photo he opened his eyes.

Told you that my sister in law gave birth earlier and my cousin also gave birth 2 months ago. At my age, I will see more babies coming out. I feel so happy for them. I know it can be tough to take care of babies but it is a bittersweet feeling. Treasure it before they grow up and give you more problems. :)

10. Did not go anywhere other than Malaysia
Unlike all the years that I am with Kk, I always have been lucky to be able to go to overseas. (I don’t consider going Malaysia as going overseas as Malaysia is like Kk’s home so Malaysia is my 2nd home in a way.) The reason that we didn’t go anywhere was mainly that our budget was suck dry by our renovation.

We are still recovering and Kk got me my dream MacBook so I decided to keep quiet about not being able to go overseas. Rest assure, we are planning one soon. :)

11. My first plant

Since I got an empty corner outside my house that my ID asked me to chop. I decided to put a plant there. After some consideration, we decided to put money plant at the place because it doesn’t need too much sun light and it grow very well.

12. Donated to a good cause online

After some scam in Singapore’s donation, I don’t donate anymore. But this is the first time after so long I donated to Dancember where all the donation will be donated Rescue:Freedom International to raise awareness and helpe to fundraise money for victims of the horrible reality that many women go through in the life of “Human Trafficking and Sex Slavery”.

This campaign is created by itsjudylife and Benjimantv. Every year December, they will have a 24hour live broadcast of their lives and raise funds for charity. As I have been a loyal viewer of their vlogs, I decided to donate as raising USD $100,000 is not easy and seriously they don’t need to do it at all.

13. Got another sister-in-law
Although they have went through Chinese customary wedding but Kk’s brother went to China to register their wedding already so pretty much already husband and wife in the eyes of the law. He mentioned they will be going through Chinese customary wedding next year. Hope that he can be more mature after getting married. :)

14. Finally visit a doctor for fertility problems.
After not pregnant for 2 years plus, we finally decided to visit Chinese Doctor and she asked us to go for fertility checked up. Somehow both of us have some problems. But Kk’s problems is bigger and more serious. I will blog about it when the time is right but yup… Now we are consulting doctor in terms of fertility.

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