I am back…

I maybe missing for a long time in this blog, that does not mean I am ignorant about what is going on around. I am sorry for those event I went. I will be back posting some of them this few weeks. I don’t want to be those “bloggers” that go event for freebies. As much as I didn’t mentioned, I start to blog lesser and lesser after one incident. I was young ignorance back then and couldn’t handle the stress and the bitching from other bloggers. I guessed recently I rethink about this blog, I am pretty much lost in this blogosphere. I am always inferior with my figure, not so much of my looks. I am not as attractive as other blogger so I don’t think anyone would read my blog. This thoughts just continue and I start to escape from this blog. I got lesser and lesser motivation to blog.

Few days ago, I happen to see one of the newsfeed about Marshmallow girls getting popular in Japan. All along I have always love Japanese fashion culture but I could never attain them. I was never as slim as them even before puberty. Since Secondary 2 when I happen to read popteens then, it really opened up my view towards fashion. However, Japanese fashion is just too small and expensive for me. Recently, more and more Japanese brand opened up store in Singapore. For example, Rose Bullet, Dip Drops, Jrunway, Lowrys Farm, Global Works. I can occasionally fit in some Jrunway clothing, Lowrys Farm and Global Works clothing. I feel happy able to fit in them but still those pretty ones are never make for me. La Big 3 inspire me to be positive even with my size, I can also do something. If they can do it, so can I! (I just ordered La Farfa magazine online.)

Today, I post to ask what should I blog for the first one. I really thought no one will reply me but. Fion replied me!! I really thought no one will reply me so I am very touched that she replied me. But I really can’t do a blog entry for that one. My house is now really in a mess after housewarming so house tour might take a while. I promise will do a stage by stage home transformation here.

In the meantime watch my first house tour first.

As much as I thought myself to be useless, I went to search my stats and found there is still hundred coming to my website. I thank them for coming to my website. Most of the keyword that they searched are still beauty related words. I will continue to blog about beauty and skincare. However, I will be adding food and maybe fashion.

Thank you for reading~

Might be the last time buying from Lazada

I haven’t been blogging for more than 3 months and I never expected this will be the first blog post that I will post because I am really very upset. Maybe you do not know but I am an expert online shopper. Before Taobao and qoo10 (Used to call gmarket) are famous in Singapore, I have already buy from these websites. Of course, I buy from many other websites beside these. I am usually a nice person when it comes to waiting for online items to be here. If the item is shipped from Singapore, I do expect it to reach in 3 – 4 days’ time and the maximum tolerance I give is 5 days.

This is the first time I made a purchase from Lazada. I was recommended from my friend to buy from here. I happen to see the promotion of Wi-Fi SD Memory Card, since I lost my previous one so I went to make my first purchase with Lazada.

I ordered Macbook Pro on the 16th and guess what? It arrived on the 18th! I order this SD card on the 12th and it only reached on the 22nd. Seriously I don’t expect Lazada to be as good as Apple’s delivery but the time taken from order to my place is just too long.

In addition, I almost freaked out when I received a message on indicating that “my product(s) from order 3000028519 has been shipped. You cannot blame me for freaking out. If you have waited for your item for 5 days and you receive a message that your order has been shipped. From my understanding, this means that it was shipped to me and I did not receive my items. It was only when I went home to check the status that I saw “Your product(s) has been shipped with Lazada Express (LEX)” that I understand that it was with LEX.

If you think that’s the end, then you are wrong. They finally delivered on 22nd at 1945. I left my house at 1900 for dinner. Usually the courier will call me if they came and I am not around (you can’t blame me for leaving house as I have waited for them one whole day at home). I returned home at about 11pm and was horrified that my package was just left outside in between the door and the gate and LEX didn’t bother to call me when no one answer to the door.

Not only did they not ensure the item is delivered to me safely, my package was opened. I did not know why did this happen, I immediately went to test my SD card and lucky everything was alright. However, the experience with Lazada really stop me from buying from them in the future. I have also emailed my complaint to them yesterday evening and till now I did not receive any apology from them for suck lousy customer service.

Shiseido Sales (June 2014)

Saw this photo from instagram and decided to go as I haven’t been going to Shiseido sales for 2 years!! The sales has always hit my busy period or always when I was overseas so have been missing it. This time decided to be kiasu and go early. But…

I was maybe the 48th? Majority in front of me are foreigners from the same country. Not going into details of their nationality.  >.<

2 years ago, I went just before lunch time so the q was quite crazy but as crazy as this time. I couldn’t stand talking to these people as they are not only selfish but they also refuse to move. It is like they are over the counter choosing the product. Lol… I didn’t take any photo inside as I didn’t want to stay a min more inside.

My luggage haul from the sales. Please dun be intimidated by the size. I did not buy one luggage full of items.

This is the small haul that I got. I really stick to my target and spend S$200+ only.

 I couldn’t squeeze to the Clé de Peau Beauté so I didn’t get any items from there. I honestly went with a goal to get their lipstick. But nvm, it is fated that I cannot get it.

Details of the items that I bought from top to bottom and left to right: Bain De Terre Passion Flower Color Preserving Shampoo and conditioner, Ettusais Aqua Splash (Oil Block), Ettusais AC-Skincare Aqua Shooter Extra (Moisturising), Ettusais Aqua Splash Body, NARS Violetta duo eyeshadow palette, NARS Andy Warhol Self Portrait 2 eyeshadow palette, Shisedo, silver Clé de Peau Beauté makeup pouch and a black bag at the bottom

My Virgin eyebrow waxing

I didn’t blog for a very long time and pretty much still not so settled down in my house. Honestly, I only unpacked a few boxes. I am very busy with my taobao preorder so this explains all my delay.

I really have ugly and messy eyebrow. I am inferior of my eyebrow too. I know some of my friends will say I am ungrateful because my eyebrow don’t belong to those that really don’t no hair kind. But eyebrow is the only part of my face I have no idea how to add makeup on it.

If you don’t have eyebrow, you really don’t have a face
~by Saoirse Roman

I have been reading awesome review of Benefit eyebrow waxing so decided to go with my beauty buddy, Cynthia. She wants to go eyebrow shaping and I was thinking of going too so I went there too.

This is the before. (To be fair, I decided to only show my eye brows only bec I look kind of strange with a pretty eyebrow and a makeup-less face)

This is after waxing and shaping.

Left side was drawn and right side was still the waxed eyebrow.

The final result of the perfect eyebrow.

I have done plucking of eyebrow and threading before. Plucking was okay but sometimes it just take slightly longer time. Threading hurt like mad for me. In terms of pain, waxing was somewhere in between plucking and threading.

I went to the benefit counter at Tangs and the lady who did my brow was professional and fast. Since this is my face time doing this, she explains how she will be doing. Even when she just outlining the shape of the brow, it look nice and neat.

I will definitely go back again and I recommend that you give her a try. I have yet to go to other Benefit counter so I am not sure if the services will be the same. But I am satisfied with the Tang’s one.

Thank you for reading~

[Food Friday] Pokemon Cup Noodle

My New Year resolution is that I will try to make my blog more active. I will be trying to do a Food Friday for a trial. Anything to do with food, I will blog here. Since Chinese New Year is around the corner, I will be scheduling a few Food Friday post so do stay tune.

For the first Food Friday post, I have done a video of my review for Pokemon Cup Noodle.

I bought this from Isetan Supermarket at West Gate, I do not see this in supermarket elsewhere yet. So if you would like to try this cup noodle, I believed you can only buy them from Isetan Supermarket.

I really love Japanese cup noodle because it always taste so well. Initially I did not have high expectation because the packaging is pretty and pretty things in Singapore does not taste good. However, this cup noodle taste good. It is soya sauce flavoured, the flavour is in the cup noodle itself and one do not need to do anything accept adding water to the noodle. I love the taste and the looks of it. I am a fan of pokemon though I stop watching after several series ago. The pikachu rice cake that is in the cup noodle is so kawaii.

However, I will not purchase it again unless there is a sale. This is because not only it is not easily accessible to purchase but it is small. Since it is pokemon theme cup noodle, I can only think that it is for kids. The portion is too small for me. I might need to eat 2 cups to be full and if I ever eat 2 cups, I could spend that amount to buy a full size Japanese cup noodle and still have spare money. Therefore as much as I love it, the price is too expensive for frequent purchase.

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